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Cherry Mobile Pay Day Offer, Flare 2x Now Only Php3,999

Cherry Mobile Pay Day Offer

Yesterday Cherry Mobile posted on their Facebook page that they will have a Pay Day offer from November 15 to 17, 2013 and today they revealed that it is only for the Flare 2x.

The Flare 2x which we reviewed last month originally cost Php4,499 and for a limited offer they slashed 500 pesos to its price bringing it down to Php3,999 which is the same with Flare 2.0 and Sonic 2.0.

The question now for most consumers is why only the Flare 2x? What do you think guys?

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4 comments to ''Cherry Mobile Pay Day Offer, Flare 2x Now Only Php3,999"

  1. sale yan kasi sobra kung uminit pwede gawing plantsa..ha ha

  2. they are probably selling as many flare 2x as they can because when the flare 2s (rumored to have an mt6582 processor) goes on sale, nobody in their right mind would bother to buy the flare 2x

  3. maganda ang flare 2 at 2x pang picture wag mo lang i-pang games

  4. In all branches ba eligble ung sale sa flare 2x??