Android for Beginners: Battery Saving Tips

Anjie lou delos Reyes

Many Android smartphone users complain that their phone won't even last a day and most of the time they end up frustrated. So what should we do? As a major rule, let us start with the basics, go to Settings>Battery and check which of the apps eats up or consumes most of the battery and from there you can start to act. For example, in the above picture Wi-Fi contributed 22% in the overall battery consumption.

Below are some of the basic tips that can help extend your battery's power.

1. Turn OFF Wi-Fi (go to Settings>Wireless & Networks) when you are not using it, if you are in a place with a strong signal use it instead of mobile connection since 3G/HSDPA consumes more power that Wi-Fi.

2. Turn OFF Data Connection (go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Mobile Networks>Data Connection) when necessary, if you are on the go and unable to use your phone (like driving) it would be better to just disable it and turn it back on if needed.

3. Turn OFF Bluetooth (go to Settings>Wireless & Networks) when not in use this helps save the battery.

4. Turn OFF GPS and Location Access (go to Settings>Location Access) especially when not it use, by far this service eats the battery the most.

In Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 you can easily access the above device settings via two-finger swap on the notification panel.

Device Settings

5. Set to GSM Only (go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>More>Mobile Networks>3G Service>Network Mode) when your phone having a problem in getting a 3G signal or if you are not using mobile data services at all.

Network Mode

6. Use a Quick Display Timeout (go to Settings>Display>Sleep) in order to automatically turn off your screen when not in use.

Display Time-out

7. Use Auto Brightness (go to Settings>Display>Brightness) or if your phone does not support it, set it at a lower point.


8. Use Static Wallpaper (go to Settings>Display>Wallpaper) since it consumes less energy than Live Wallpaper. If your phone has OLED technology use a dark wallpaper while a light wallpaper is recommended for IPS or TFT display.

9. Use Widget Scarcely since it pulls information every now and then which in turn drains your battery.

10. Lessen the Sync Interval (go to Settings>Accounts) of your accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. or if possible do it manually.


If the battery is removable, you can buy a spare battery for emergency purposes. In South Korea, most of the phone you buy includes a spare battery and desktop charger. If removing your battery is a hassle or if it is non-user replaceable you can opt to buy an external power pack. Do you know more tips and tricks?! Please kindly help and share it using the comments section below.


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