The Nokia 216 is Microsoft's Latest Feature Phone

The Nokia 216 is Microsoft's Latest Feature Phone
The Nokia 216 is Microsoft's Latest Feature Phone

Apparently, Microsoft thinks that there is still a huge market out there for basic feature phones, that it’s still making those candy-bar straightforward phones that run quite the most basic of tasks. As such, the Redmond-based company has just announced its latest basic phone, the Nokia 216.

The Nokia 216, as its name obviously implies, carry the once venerable mobile brand name into it, which we all know that, by this time, are mostly basic phones. Granted, these handsets still have their market. Some still prefer basic usage devices, and others don’t explore their tech-savviness that they prefer sticking to a no-frills phone.

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As far as the specifications go, the Nokia 2016 features a 2.4-inch color LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution.  You’ll also be working with two VGA shooters located on the front and back for photography, although we doubt you’ll be shooting a lot of scenery and what not with it. Surprisingly, both cameras are also equipped with an LED flash each.

The Nokia 216 also features 16MB of RAM, so you can already see that it’s somewhat limited in terms of operations. The storage will rely on the micro SD card you slot in, too, but you’ll be limited to 32GB. That could be enough for your daily tracks. Meanwhile ,the battery is at 1,020mAh.

The Nokia 216 comes with a street price of $37 in India, no word as of yet it will come here, though.

Source: Microsoft

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