Trend Micro: EU Rules on GDPR to Benefit Companies and Consumers

Carmel Miguel
IT security company Trend Micro assures that consumers will be given better online protection as the European Union (EU) has implemented stronger data protection rules that companies across the globe should comply.

Trend Micro: EU Rules on GDPR to Benefit Companies and Consumers
Trend Micro: EU Rules on GDPR to Benefit Companies and Consumers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which took effect on May 25 requires companies and other organizations operating in EU, regardless of where they are based, to impose transparency and vigilance in accessing and collecting consumers’ personal data. This in turn grants consumers more control over their data.

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According to Trend Micro Director for Technology Marketing Myla Pilao, the GDPR brings a win-win situation for users and companies alike.

“For one, compliance with the stricter rules on data protection spurs consumer confidence amid the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches. It also levels the playing field for companies by deterring unfair access to consumer data.”
“GDPR essentially empowers consumers to determine what data they will share, who will have access to such information and how companies can process and use them,” Ms. Pilao said. “Accordingly, consumers can better protect themselves online.”

The GDPR also grants consumers the “right to rectification,” that allows them to correct any information they have previously allowed to be collected. They can also exercise their ”right to erasure” to instantly delete their personal information from the database of the data controller.

“We see the GDPR pushing other countries, including the Philippines, to improve their respective data privacy regulations,” Ms. Pilao noted. “It is effectively making state-of-the-art data security the new standard across the globe.”

Trend Micro underscored the benefits of adopting the higher standards on data protection for both consumers and companies, including call centers in the Philippines, as data analytics take on a bigger role in doing business.

Learn more about GDPR by visiting this link, and to ensure GDPR compliance, check out Trend Micro’s full milestone checklist.

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