Microsoft, HomeSpace360 Bring VR and AR to Real Estate Industry

Ciara Alarcon
Together with HomeSpace360, Microsoft is set to elevate the real estate industry by integrating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) on it.

Microsoft, HomeSpace360 Bring VR and AR to Real Estate Industry
Microsoft, HomeSpace360 Bring VR and AR to Real Estate Industry

Real Estate in the Philippines is a valuable business. In fact, according to the 2015 Annual Survey of the Philippine Business and Industry (ASBPI), a total of 4,826 establishments in the formal sector of the economy was engaged in real estate activities. Moreover, in that same year, the said industry also contributed the major share in income and expense through its total income of Php534.5 billion.

HomeSpace360 Kit
HomeSpace360 Kit

However, the real estate industry continues to depend on traditional practices. This is the reason why Microsoft and HomeSpace360 are bringing VR and AR in the segment to upgrade its service. With that HomeSpace360 eyes to utilize smartphone technology to create, share, and display 360 content in 2D and 3D affordable.

“Technology is the great equalizer. And we want to enable all realtors by democratizing immersive virtual tours through user-friendly technology. With HomeSpace360, we use smartphone technology to bring high quality 3D virtual tours within reach of every marketer,” Simon Gemayel, CEO and Founder of HomeSpace360, addressed.

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Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, HomeSpace360 offers brokers an all-in-one app for creating high-quality 8K 2D and 3D photographic and video VR experiences directly on a smartphone.

The HomeSpace360 kit includes a Mobile VR viewer, battery-free smartphone rotator, lightweight tripod with carrying bag, and an HD fisheye lens for 3D capture.

Sounds cool, isn’t it? Share your thoughts with us!

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