Motorola RAZR Is Coming Back as a Foldable Smartphone

Ciara Alarcon
As one of the most desired phones in the mobile history, the Motorola RAZR will surely have a special place in our hearts. While no man will ever forget how we always wanted to own this device during the mid-2000s, the RAZR phone that we used to love may return as a foldable smartphone this year.

Motorola RAZR to Return as a Foldable Smartphone
Motorola RAZR to Return as a Foldable Smartphone

According to reports, the RAZR flip-phone will be revived as a USD 1,500 (~Php78.6K) foldable smartphone. Surprisingly, the handset might be available in February through Verizon. With this, it seems like Samsung’s flexible device, which might be revealed on February 20, has a solid contender already.

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Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone
Motorola RAZR Foldable Smartphone

In case you missed it, the RAZR brand was able to sell over 130 million units around the world. Used to be a mobile giant, it started to lose its popularity when the iPhone arrived in 2007, while brands like Samsung began embracing its Android journey.

Do you also miss the Motorola RAZR? What can you say about its alleged comeback?

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Engadget

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