Samsung Announces Pie OS Update Schedule

Ciara Alarcon
Samsung has announced that it is set to roll out its Android 9.0 Pie update to select Galaxy devices soon.

Samsung Announces Pie OS Update Schedule
Samsung Announces Pie OS Update Schedule

The company said that the Android 9.0 Pie update is optimized for Galaxy users to improve their mobile experience.

Here are the eligible models, and their schedules:
  • Note9 – February 2019
  • S9/S9+ - February 2019
  • Note8 – February 2019
  • S8/S8+ - March 2019
  • A8 2018 – April 2019
  • J3 2018 (J337W) – July 2019
  • Tab A 10.5 (T597W) – August 2019
  • XCover4 – September 2019
  • Tab Active 2 (T387W) – October 2019
  • Tab A8.0 (T387W) – November 2019

“At Samsung, we are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible. Samsung has grown with your voices and feedbacks, and we are constantly seeking to improve user experience on our products and services. We look forward to bringing more convenient and safe features in order to provide our customers with new and improved services in the future,” Samsung addressed.

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Meanwhile, the update schedule and eligible models could be changed if Samsung encounters any issues during their ongoing review. It may also be stopped for a while, even after the official update, once an emergency fix occurs.

Nevertheless, Samsung promised to notify consumers if there is any schedule or model list changes.

Source: Samsung

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