Viber Shares Tips on How to Become Scandal-proof

Ciara Alarcon
As reports of security breaches using stolen information continue to rise, Viber has shared some tips on how to become scandal-proof in the age of data breaches.

Viber Shares Tips on How to Become Scandal-proof
Viber Shares Tips on How to Become Scandal-proof

Viber reminded users that scandals – sexual, political, or personal – happened when our sensitive information landed into the wrong hands. Here are some of the things you need to know to avoid being the next data breach victim:

Think twice before backing up your messages. Viber explained that when two or more devices communicate via an app, the information will be transmitted using a secret code. However, these messages will appear as a plain text when they are backed up to the cloud. Hence, government can demand your cloud provider to retrieve and turn over your messages from its servers.

Make sure your app uses encrypted messaging. With this, all messages that are sent from your device will be in the form of a code that only the recipient’s device can translate to plain text. This makes it impossible for anyone to see your messages – even if it’s the app maker.

How to Become Scandal-proof
How to Become Scandal-proof

Consider deleting messages you never meant to send. Viber offers a Delete Message option, allowing users to remove any message from both the sender and recipient’s device. This totally deletes the message even if it has been seen. Moreover, the company assures users that the content can never be viewed again once deleted.

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Use secret or hidden chats. If you want extra privacy, then, you’d surely enjoy Viber’s Secret Chats option. If you’re an Android user, the recipient can’t take a screenshot of the chat. On the other hand, for iPhone user, the recipient will receive an alert that a screenshot has been taken.

In addition, if you want a conversation to not appear in the chat list, then, use the app’s Hidden Chats function. These conversations can only be opened with a PIN.

Keep your apps updated. One of the best ways to make you secure is to keep your apps up-to-date. In fact, software updates are often done when app-makers find a security bug.

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