Top 10 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

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It is one of those age-old questions, "Which is better between iOS and Android?". Well, we can say that Android is better than iOS but you would ask for substantial evidence. Well, your honor (honors?), let us present our shreds of evidence.

Top 10 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS
Top 10 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

Top 10 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

1. Choice of Devices - With Apple, we are stuck with one kind of device in terms of tablet and phones. It will be an iPad or an iPhone. When it comes to Android, we have a myriad of big names and fast-rising brands that release devices from entry-level to premium range. We are not bound to one UI, specs and brand.

2. Customization - Android devices can be customized more than iOS devices. Personalizing your Android device can be done from the interface (live wallpapers, font styles, themes, custom keyboards, etc.) and hardware (removable back covers, modular add-ons like LG Friends, etc.).

3. Multitasking - Samsung has now put multitasking into new heights with the Paired Apps feature they have for the Note 8. Yes, you can switch between apps in iOS but you can't have multiple apps open at the same time in two windows. It is something that Android has been doing for years, which IOS seems to disregard.

4. Custom Launchers - Have you ever had multiple iPhones side by side in a table? Did you notice that almost every phone looks the same? That's because iOS users are bound to one UI and one look. Android users, however, have a lot of choices in terms of launchers that allow for a lot of custom settings like icon packs and color accents.

5. Widgets - Widgets have been a staple part of Android, whether it's proprietary or downloadable apps like Zooper Widget Pro, they are beautiful and useful at the same time. However, iOS, even though they have a limited version of widgets, still lacks the freedom you have in Android in terms of placements and choices.

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6. Custom ROMS - You can install a custom OS on your Android phone. CyanogenMod, AOSP ROMs, Paranoid Android, and the list goes on. This will give you access to more tools, features and faster updates in terms of performance. Yes, this is a fairly complicated process, but the benefits really outweigh that.

7. Device For Everyone - iPhones are always considered as a premium device in terms of pricing. It is premium don't get me wrong. However, some people can't afford it. Apple does not release entry-level priced devices, unlike Android devices. Android devices cater to audiences on all financial capabilities.

8. Adaptive Nature - As the market and industry of smartphones evolve, Android quickly adapts to the changes and updates its features accordingly. iOS is left in a slow-paced adaptation that leaves users kind of frustrated. Android looks to innovate all the time leading the way in new tech like in-display fingerprint scanners, super fast charging, pop-up style camera, and more.

9. Access to Free Apps and Games -  This is kind of a gray area here. Although the pirates are present in both platforms, developers are choosing to release free versions of apps on Android than on iOS. Some apps that are paid on iOS can be installed for free on Android sometimes on a freemium heavy version of the app or game. Either way, it's apparent that Android users have more access to free stuff.

10. Google Integration -  Admit it, you are one of us that uses more than one Google app or service. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Map, Google Assistant... The list goes on. Android and Google work hand-in-hand with more seamless interaction, giving you faster access to these Google services. iOS has seen Google apps in their apps, however, a deep level of integration just isn't there.

These, your honors, are the pieces of evidence that we think prove our case. Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments.

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