Proven Tips to Extend Android Phone's Battery Life

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Smartphones nowadays are getting bigger, better and overall more intelligent. It seems like every release there is a new feature. Bezel-less screens, powerful DACs, multiple camera setups, all of these are great, but one thing remains constant, they are still powered by batteries.

Proven Tips to Extend Android Phone's Battery Life
Proven Tips to Extend Android Phone's Battery Life

Android smartphones are running on batteries that can give you at least 10 hours each at best. However, we all get to a point wherein you realize that you need more juice out of your device. Well, we have some simple tips to extend your Android phone's battery life.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness - This is a no-brainer. The only time that you need to turn your screen brightness all the way up is if you are outside under the sun. However, if you are inside your home, school or office, turn it down. The screen is perfectly visible at 30% screen brightness inside buildings. If you are a bit lame doing, set the brightness to auto, that is, if your phone supports it.

2. Utilize Screen Timeouts - You need to take advantage of this feature. Your phone can be set up to turn off its screen after 15 seconds of inactivity. Meaning there is no chance for you to accidentally leave your screen on which drains your battery pretty quickly.

3. Don't Use Live Wallpapers - Live Wallpapers are cool and all but it is notorious for draining the battery. It is constantly running in the background hogging resources and battery life. There are a lot of static wallpapers that can make you feel better. If you have an AMOLED screen, try looking for AMOLED-designed wallpaper that will take advantage of the screen blackest blacks and save you more juice.

4. Optimize Your Connectivity - This is a big one. If you rely on WiFi connectivity at home it is easy to take for granted how much it drains your battery once you are out and about. Same as with Data Connection. Your smartphone will constantly search for a WiFi connection or the best 4G LTE connection available. To avoid this, turn off your WiFi connectivity if you are not going to use it in a while. In addition to that, make sure that you are only connected to 4G or 3G only to avoid switching between them constantly when the signal is not optimum. Moreover, turn off Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS when not in use.

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5. Check For Bloatwares - Bloatwares are apps that are pre-loaded on your device via your carrier or your phone's manufacturer. These are notorious for draining battery life. If you can, you must remove them. If that is not possible, you can always disable them via the App settings.

6. Limit Apps Running in the Background - Applications that run on the background still consumes battery, and even RAM, therefore, be sure to completely close or exit them when not in use. Moreover, there are several apps that are still active or running in the background even after you close or exit them, better restrict them in doing so.

7. Sync Settings - Apps that constantly refresh themselves in the background eat lots of battery power, these may include emails, messaging apps, and wearable-related apps. If those are not critical in your everyday life, we recommend to disable the auto-sync feature of those apps and switch to manual instead.

8. Power Saving Mode - This will turn off a lot of features on your smartphone sometimes including WiFi connectivity and Data connection. Depending on your preference, this will turn your smartphone into a phone that can only call and text. This is the most effective one here though.

If you can't bring your powerbank or charger with you all the time, then these tips will surely help you.

If you have other tips that you want to share, please let us know in the comment section below!

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