Here’s How Lark Can Help Businesses Save Money While Working Remotely

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With the current global health situation changing the way people work, businesses and companies have no choice but to adapt to a remote office setup to still continue operations. What used to be physical office spaces have become virtual offices, and as such, the need for efficient online platforms for seamless collaborations arise. Here’s how Lark, an all-in-one suite, can actually help companies efficiently save money on expenses while embracing a remote work setup.

Here’s How Lark Can Help Businesses Save Money While Working Remotely
Here’s How Lark Can Help Businesses Save Money While Working Remotely

1. Save on manpower fees

In a virtual office setting, there is greater flexibility when hiring remote employees on a full-time, part-time, or per-project basis. Thus, employers have the freedom to hire remote workers that are a better fit for the tasks at hand, helping to ensure higher quality results with minimal supervision needed.

With agile, flexible working hours, overtime costs are also reduced. Along with this, employee performance is boosted, too, as remote workers are able to work in an optimal environment during their peak productivity hours. This way, teams spend less time getting more work done.

2. Reduced overhead expenses

A smaller office means lower rental fees. An entirely virtual office eliminates real estate costs significantly. Expenses for utilities, such as electricity, water, and communications, are minimized as well. Remote work also entails little expense on equipment and maintenance on the part of a business owner. In this aspect alone, it's easy to see how much a company can save by going digital.

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3. Lower IT costs

Setting up a dependable IT infrastructure at work takes a huge chunk out of a company's budget. When working remotely, costly hardware and software are replaced with internet-based office solutions and cloud-based storage. The right software for virtual team collaboration can help business owners significantly slash expenses. This is where Lark comes in.

Wrapping all of these in one complete software solution, Lark can be used by companies and employees for free, and its features and functions are optimized to be utilized, whether on smartphones and on laptops or PCs.

It has onboard its platform the Lark Chat for easy and quick message exchanges among team members, the Lark Video Conferencing, which allows unlimited video call minutes for up to 100 participants, the Lark Calendar for organized day-to-day tasks, and the Lark Docs and Sheets, which team members can edit simultaneously in real-time.

Chats and documents are also securely stored in the cloud on Lark. On top of this, the Lark platform also has an AWS certification, which means the users' data are safe and protected.

Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. For more information, visit

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