HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now Available via Globe Postpaid with Free MatePad T and Smart Box

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With the launch of the Huawei Vision S via Globe Beyond Mobile Plan, HUAWEI adds to its record of firsts in the local market, making it the country's first postpaid TV. With the Globe Plan Bundle 2499, which also includes the Huawei MatePad T10, current and prospective Globe customers may obtain the Huawei Vision S 55” for free starting September 17. The 65” model is also available through the same plan with a PHP 30,000 cashout.

HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now Available via Globe Postpaid with Free MatePad T and Smart Box
HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now Available via Globe Postpaid with Free MatePad T and Smart Box

The Huawei Vision S is the company's first foray into the television market, with industry-leading features such as 1080P MeeTime video calling, a 120Hz Stunning Picture Display, and a Huawei Sound module with four speakers. Its #BeyondTV tagline is derived from the company's cutting-edge technology.

Huawei is dedicated to making its revolutionary gadgets affordable and accessible to a broader range of Filipinos and delivering technologically advanced products. As a result of this concept, Huawei has formed several strategic partnerships with key industry players, including notable tech dealers and Globe, expanding the tech giant's reach throughout the Philippines.

#BeyondTV and #BeyondMobilePlans

This year, Huawei is releasing a spate of new gadgets to help its customers live more intelligently linked lives. Due to its rapidly expanded product mix, Huawei has created and maintained strong partnerships with e-commerce platforms and telco giants. Huawei then announces the availability of Huawei Vision S via Globe Beyond Mobile Plans, marking the company's first foray into the non-mobile postpaid plan market.

On Globe Plan Bundle 2499, the Huawei Vision S 55” comes with no cashout; however, the 65” version comes with a cashout of Php 30,000. On the other hand, both come with a Huawei MatePad T10. In addition, Earlybird clients can get limited-time goodies, including a cordless microphone worth Php 2,999 and a Smart Box for Php 3,999 until September 30.

Consumer electronics outlets around the United States now carry the #BeyondTV.

Another testament to Huawei's TV category's success is Huawei's leading tech dealer partners' faith in making the #BeyondTV available on their shelves. Partner dealers are giving away prizes with every Huawei Vision S purchase from September 17 to October 31. Customers can get a free Huawei MatePad T8 bundle and a Smart Box valued at Php5,990 and Php 3,999 for Php 9989, respectively.

Huawei offers a one-of-a-kind gratis package of Huawei MatePad T8 tablet, Smart Box, and cordless microphone on the Huawei Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee.

Finally, Huawei is cutting the price of the Huawei Vision S at the same time. The Huawei Vision S 65” will set you back Php49,999, while the Huawei Vision S 55” will set you back Php 32,999.

Interested purchasers can visit the Huawei Online Store, as well as flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee. Those who want to see the TV in person can do so at any Abenson, All Home, Robinsons Appliances, Savers Appliances, or Willy & Sons store nationwide. Visit for more information. If you're looking for a store in your area, here is the place to go.

More information regarding the Huawei Vision S can be found at

HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now in the Philippines; 4K 120Hz with HarmonyOS for as low as Php32,999 (5/7/21)

The Huawei Vision S Smart TV is now available in the Philippines! Everyone understands that the new standard we're living in now places even more demands on us in every aspect of our lives, even at home. Owing to the constraints and social distancing impositions, we cannot engage in at-home leisure entertainment, efficiency, or communicate with our loved ones. However, with the launch of HUAWEI's newest innovation, the Huawei Vision S Series, everyone can experience what an intelligent lifestyle is all about.

HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now in the Philippines; 4K 120Hz with HarmonyOS for as low as Php32,999
HUAWEI Vision S Smart TV Now in the Philippines; 4K 120Hz with HarmonyOS for as low as Php32,999

The Huawei Vision S 55-inch model starts at Php32, 999 for cash/straight with the purchase and comes with a package that includes a FREE Smart Box that houses your favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Services, and one (1) Wireless Mic worth PHP6,998! The Huawei Vision S 65-inch model starts at Php49,999 for cash/straight and includes a FREE Smart Box and two (2) Wireless Mics worth Php9,997 is ideal for those looking for a larger screen. Experience the Future of Television and receive these freebies only available for pre-order from May 7 to 21. Aside from these exclusive bonuses, every Huawei Vision S Series purchase is eligible for FREE home delivery until May 31.

Huawei Concept Stores, giant Home Appliance Stores such as Abenson and AllHome, and Huawei Concept Stores worldwide sell the Future TV. Customers interested in purchasing these items can do so through the Huawei Store, Lazada, or Shopee!

Get yours now via Lazada at or Shopee at

Users are also in for a treat, as they can order their very own device through the HUAWEI Easy Buy Experience, which comes with a slew of benefits! This buying experience allows users to reserve their very own unit online and then visit any of our stores to complete the transaction and take advantage of Huawei's in-store exclusive installment plans and store offers, as well as convenient access to other Huawei items! This connection will provide you with more details.


With its unique networking features, which are a hallmark of the HUAWEI brand, and evidence of HUAWEI's distinct leadership regarding technical leadership, this gadget goes beyond your typical smart TV. The Huawei Vision S Series is the first TV to include a 13MP Magnetic Detachable Camera that can be used to make TV calls using the 1080p MeeTime Video Call Function. This is critical, particularly in the new normal, when we may be required to maintain connections with loved ones all over the world! Aside from this comfort, the Huawei Vision S's magnetic camera can also be used as your own Home Camera, capturing wide-angle selfies of your entire family and enabling you to show off your living room! Huawei understands how important privacy and protection are to our customers, so the magnetic camera is detachable and available to examine at their leisure!


With the Huawei Vision S' Stunning Picture Quality and Huawei Histen with 4W Speakers, you can make fun movie nights with your family or gaming projects even more enjoyable with the Huawei Vision S' Stunning Picture Quality with a 120hz refresh rate, which makes it look and sound even cleaner and crisper than before. This outstanding picture quality, combined with Huawei Sound, provides users with a more immersive experience than ever before. Speaking of immersive viewing, the Huawei Vision S's 1920 x 1080 screen is TUV-Rheinland approved, ensuring viewers' eye protection. This is a must-have for your family, as they can enjoy movie bonding with the family without worrying about their eye health.


The Huawei Vision S Series has a vast content library that will make you want to stay home! WishFM, Basketball Slam, Cignal, and other popular native apps are available on the smartphone. But don't panic if you can't find what you're looking for. The Huawei Vision S supports various Smart Boxes, including Android and Apple TV boxes, allowing you to access various streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and everything else you can think of! Various applications can be easily accessed via the Huawei Vision S Series via Huawei's own Petal Search Widget, external Smart Boxes, USB data imports, and even smart app sharing through Huawei Share. With all of these apps at your fingertips, you'll no doubt make the most of the big screen, which can transport you from your home theater to Zoom meetings!


Aside from entertainment and networking, the Huawei Vision S offers customers the ultimate intelligent and smart feature set. Consumers should go above and beyond with gadgets, redefining television with smart features that enable efficiency and comfort to shine through. As a special treat for Huawei fans, these features are included in Huawei's latest Harmony OS!

The Huawei Vision S has an AI Voice Command - ‘Hey Celia!' - activating the device's AI Speaker mode. This feature intelligently recognizes your voice to perform several tasks such as hands-free voice navigation, which allows you to order your computer to automatically change settings such as brightness and volume or make it play your favorite shows, so you never miss out. Aside from orders, the Huawei Vision S can also be used as your home's central sound system, with the screen dimmed for relaxing moments when you just want to relax in the privacy of your own home.


With its exclusive Multi-Device Collaboration feature, the Huawei Vision S gives you the edge to live coolly and intelligently with other Huawei NFC-compatible devices, particularly smartphones. With One-Hop Projection, smartphones can easily project audio and visual content to the widescreen with just a tap on the remote, providing customers with a new level of convenience, including message-free streaming that preserves their privacy and mobile mirroring for added comfort. The Huawei Vision S has a Distribution Gaming feature that transforms your phone into a gamepad, which is excellent news for gamers! Fortunately, the distributed technology in HarmonyOS, integrated into the HUAWEI Vision S devices, makes playing mobile games on a large screen simpler than ever. You can use your phone as a convenient and nimble gamepad by downloading and running games directly on your HUAWEI Vision S and creating a link with it. For some games, especially sports games such as Basketball Slam.

The Huawei Vision S also has Huawei Share, which allows for quick file transfers from your Huawei smartphone, tablet, or laptop with just one tap - imagine how convenient it will be to function and learn from such a large screen. Apart from that, the Huawei Vision S has a built-in Karaoke, which can make nights with the whole family even more fun, even if it's only at home! Huawei has also collaborated with Konsulta MD, an online medical consultation app that gives customers access to medical treatment and answers from the comfort of their own homes, using the Huawei Vision S Series' large and crisp screen.

Non-Huawei smartphones can also benefit from the Huawei Vision S Series! To see all of these fun and innovative modern features, users simply need to have an Android phone running Android 8.0 or higher and download the Huawei Vision Home App. The Huawei Vision S Series can also help iPhone users with third-party applications that render features like projection and screen-sharing accessible on the iOS platform.

This is proof that the Huawei Vision S is a crucial component of Huawei's ever-expanding Ecosystem and 1+8+N strategy, which provides users the utmost convenience and comfort by integrating multiple Huawei devices that function in perfect sync to provide the best and most seamless AI Life to date.

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