The vivo V21 now only Php21,990 to better equip the influencer in you!

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In our very visual world, browsing through social media and seeing people's fast life updates is both pleasurable and interesting while also sharing a piece of your life that can let your pals know what you've been up to — even if you haven't spoken in a while. So, although individuals are still confined to screens and virtual environments, sharing snapshots of our daily lives is a terrific approach to get closer to the people we care about.

The vivo V21 now only Php21,990 to better equip the influencer in you!
The vivo V21 now only Php21,990 to better equip the influencer in you!

With this in mind, vivo, a leading global smartphone brand, introduces the V21 series, an ultra-sleek, stylish phone that fits people's digital lifestyles. The vivo V21 5G has a 64 MP rear camera and a 44 MP front camera with an optical image stabilizer, paving the path for high-quality footage (OIS). These capabilities allow you to always take Instagram-worthy photographs and videos, even in low-light situations. Its powerful camera functions let you see even the tiniest details of your subjects. Whether shooting a video or a selfie, the quality will be excellent.

Checking numerous applications regularly is also a part of many people's daily routine. For example, some people use social media apps to view funny videos, perform online shopping, play video games, and stay in touch with pals, which is why having a speedy smartphone is crucial.

The vivo V21 5G comes with 8 GB of RAM and 3 GB of virtual storage. This signifies that the phone has enough storage space to store the data of numerous apps while they are running in the background. Have you ever been scrolling through your phone, and it keeps crashing? It's possible that a lack of RAM is the blame. However, users may navigate between apps effortlessly without phone lags now that vivo has included virtual RAM technology in the V21.

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Apart from all of these capabilities, vivo makes the V21 series even more appealing by making it the company's thinnest phone yet. With this 7.29 mm thin phone, people can express their creative and industrious sides, and it's the ideal partner for mirror selfies and everyday activities.

The vivo V21e costs PHP 16,999, while the V21 5G costs PHP 21,999. (from its original price of PHP 23,999). With the revised price, the vivo V21 5G is also available on a 6-, 9-, 12-, and 18-month installment plan. For more information about the vivo V21e, go to and the V21 5G, go to

Life can be complicated right now, but our genuine friendships don't have to be. People use the internet to express themselves, socialize, and let their pals know they're still alive. Allow vivo to bring you closer by producing personalized content.

The V21 series can be found in all vivo kiosks and stores and on Lazada and Shopee online. Follow vivo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about the products.

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