Women leaders in tech and finance rally for the Women Future Conference Asia Pacific Agenda

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As the sectors progress toward digitalization, Asian women leaders are leading the way, as highlighted in the opening of the first-ever Asia Pacific Agenda of The Women Future Conference, held under GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc.'s Digital Pilipinas movement, on August 24, Tuesday. In the historically male-dominated areas of financial technology, banking, insurance, and e-commerce, the event included female CEOs from the Asia-Pacific region who championed the power of feminine leadership and management.

Women leaders in tech and finance rally for the Women Future Conference Asia Pacific Agenda
Women leaders in tech and finance rally for the Women Future Conference Asia Pacific Agenda

Because of their capacity to foster a good work-life balance, innovation in collaboration with regulatory agencies, the construction of up-to-date infrastructure, and diversity in their organizations, women leaders are at the forefront of digitalization in the aforementioned industries.

The event was chaired by Amor Maclang, a past Stevie Award winner, Convenor of Digital Pilipinas, Executive Director of the FinTech Philippines Association, and Co-Founder of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. “The reverse diaspora is happening not just in the Philippines, but throughout Asia,” she noted in her opening remarks. There has been a brain drain, but this is now being reversed. We're seeing more and more of the world's top tech talent relocating to Asia.” “We are all working towards a future where we will be equal in male-dominated sectors because of our hard work and talent, not because of our gender,” she continued.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore's Manager, Jael Tan, emphasized the significance of relationships among neighboring Asian countries for meaningful fintech advancement. “What's crucial is building bilateral connections and then extending them into a larger collaboration,” she explained. “The road ahead of innovation appears intimidating, but we are always thinking big and forging tiny partnerships along the way.”

Because of the region's openness to innovation, transparency in regulation, and the possibility of building products with societal impact, Yang Yang Zhang, Managing Director of Xendit Philippines, referred to Asia as the hotspot for free-flowing disruption in IT. “Asia is a place that welcomes innovation and disruption,” she said. There is a spirit of openness in Asia; everyone is going faster; thus, people are more open. The Philippines is on the verge of hyper-growth, and regulatory transparency ensures that growth is exponential.”

During the hour-long debate, Wijitleka Marome, Deputy Director of the Bank of Thailand's Fintech Department, stated that one of the many assets of women leaders is their capacity to communicate and interact while balancing the two sides of fintech innovation and regulation. “Female senior executives may demonstrate their capability and competencies to support innovations,” she remarked. Regulations should not be a barrier to innovation; instead, the government should act as a backstop through regulations and policies.”

The event also addressed the difficulties that women confront in the fast-paced world of technology and innovation. Shan Luo, Managing Director of Fintech Arena Taiwan, emphasized the unique capacity of women leaders to use their soft skills to traverse the regulated space of fintech while using their soft skills to manage challenging and extremely restrictive scenarios. She stated, "As women leaders, we have passion and patience." “The most challenging [thing] is communicating with regulators,” she added. Therefore, it's critical to have soft skills when dealing with difficult situations. In addition, we believe that working with the very rigorous restrictions requires a highly inventive approach.”

Leila Martin, President of the first government-backed Digital Overseas Filipino Bank, travels along with digital banking. “We, Asian women, are well educated and have a strong work ethic,” she said, highlighting the advantages women have as leaders of now and tomorrow, which are critical for global connectedness and collaboration. We also have the perseverance to learn new languages, which is necessary if we wish to communicate globally.”

“Women professionals are family-focused, have strong foresight, and are self-development-oriented,” Gae Martinez, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Insular Life, said of the role of Filipino women as gatekeepers of their families' financial well-being and the strengths of women leaders that all people, regardless of gender, should recognize: “Women professionals are family-focused, have strong foresight, and are self-development-oriented. These are the qualities that motivate us in financial advisors and female employees.”

Pebbles Sy, GCash's Chief Technology and Operations Officer, spoke about the Philippines' more favorable conditions in terms of gender equality and the need to retain representation for young women managers and future leaders in need of mentorship and community. “In terms of gender equality, we are in a better position than some of our neighbors,” she remarked. It wasn't deliberate for half of our senior leadership at GCash to be women; we just hired the best. There are no barriers for us women; all we have to do is do our jobs and work hard.”

The Women Future Conference's Asia Pacific Agenda is also a learning opportunity for young women and students to prepare to be future leaders. Kim Lato, the owner and founder of Kimstore, is a strong supporter of women and youth in the local startup community. “Learning is exciting, and I want to continue to learn from women advocates like us,” she said, referring to how her never-ending desire to learn has sustained her in her 15 years as a female changemaker in the e-commerce business. The APAC Press Launch of the Women Future Conference is a monument to the noteworthy accomplishments of women leaders in technology and finance industries in the Asia Pacific region. These women leaders emphasize the necessity of preserving balance and adjusting the narrative to become more inclusive, especially for the underserved, when technical improvements are made.

From November 1 to 5, 2021, the Women Future Conference will take place. Visit www.womenfutureconference.com for additional information on what to anticipate during the 5-day program and how to secure your virtual seat.

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