Binomo Trading App Review and How it works in the Philippines

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Benefits of the Binomo trading app

For everyone who would like to study the basics of the Binomo trading app, we’ll tell you how to use it for free practice, making deposits and withdrawals, trading with other users, and developing your skills in a handy mobile app. First, we’ll talk about the app as a whole.

Binomo Trading App Review and How it works in the Philippines
Binomo Trading App Review and How it works in the Philippines

Briefly about the Binomo mobile app

The Binomo trading platform is available for PC users through a browser. You can easily find it by following Besides that, it works through a mobile application for smartphone and tablet users.

Both versions are very convenient, and the mobile app offers almost all the same features as the web version. A good point is that you are not tied to your workplace - the app can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, just with your login. It has gained good reviews from traders, so you are free to create your opinion about it after downloading.

Is the Binomo app a scam, or is it legit?

It happens that some unsafe platforms claim that they are connected with investments and trading but act illegally like scammers, so people should ensure they register on a reliable platform before investing real funds. Binomo has a great reputation due to independent financial institutions that verify trades held on the platform and confirm their authenticity. You shouldn’t worry about whether it’s safe or not because it’s a trustworthy service, not a fraud.

The Binomo application is regulated by the International Financial Commission and proves its reliability with a certificate by Verify My Trade - an organization that executes the quality of trades. The platform offers credible payment methods and customer support. At any time, you can ask your questions and get advice from a manager via email, live chat, or chatbot.

In case you’re still worried about the company’s legitimacy, head to the Binomo website to read about certification, regulations and find contact information, office address, and other details on your own. Also, there is a LinkedIn profile where the company shares its news with traders. Additionally, many reviews are published on the net on various forums for traders and brokers, so you can see what other people think about the platform.

Where to download the Binomo app?

Just open your Google Play Store or App Store and search for “Binomo” to find the application. You’ll see the yellow logo, then download the app, log in with your credentials, or sign up if that’s your first time using the platform.

For iOS and Android

Both iOS and Android users can download the app for smartphones and tablets. Additionally, Android users who couldn’t download the app shouldn’t look for a hack - there is a safe APK fike for them. What it is, and how does it work? Go to the official Binomo website, download the file for free, and enjoy all the trading platform benefits similar to the app from Google Play.

For PC

You won’t find any Binomo software for PCs on Windows or Mac OS as the application is developed for mobiles and tablets only. Still, you are free to log in through a web version using your browser and watch all the charts, tournaments, strategies, and much more from your desktop.

For instance, IQ Option vs. Binomo offers an app for personal computers, so you can decide whether you wish to trade through your browser or right on the desktop. Still, it’s quite convenient for many traders to access the web version and not require extra software to download on PC.

How to use Binomo?

The video tutorial explains how to trade on the platform right after registration. Still, navigation and the tools aren’t the only things you need to learn. Before you know more about the necessary education, see how to sign up on the Binomo platform.

Sign Up and Log in

You only need to get to the Binomo website or open the app to join the platform. They are available in several languages, including English. Then a couple of simple steps need to be followed to log in and start trading:
  1. Enter your email address and password or sign in with Facebook or Google on a login page.
  2. Choose the currency and remember that it can’t be changed after registration.
  3. Read the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy attentively, then confirm your acceptance.
  4. Your account is created, and since that, you can use all the Demo account features or make the first deposit.

Use free tutorials

Once you have created your Demo account, make sure you check all the platform sections that you see on the screen. There are tools for watching the charts, tournaments section, news for traders, Help Center, and trading strategies.

You’ll find strategies described for traders with different levels of expertise. Although no strategy guarantees 100% results, you’ll be able to analyze the graphs and make forecasts based on your research. The section with news will also help you with that. Still, there are no “winning strategies,” so every time, you’ll need to take into account many factors that can influence the situation on the market.

Contests are shown in the app only after you make the minimum deposit ($10). They allow you to practice with other traders and compete for a prize.

In the Help Center that serves as Wikipedia for traders, you’ll read all you need to know about deposits, withdrawals, your Binomo account, and other frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Sometimes beginners wonder how to play on Binomo, but trading has nothing in common with any games. It requires market analysis, understanding of risks, investment management, etc.

Invest and start trading on Binomo

After some time, you’ll figure out how the platform works by using a Demo account, and then you may be interested in investing your cash to trade with real funds. For that, you only need to access the Cashier section on your Binomo profile and choose the payment method that is suitable for you. Among popular deposit options in the Philippines are Gcash, Cards, Banks, etc. PayPal is not among them, though.

Note! Besides trading on the platform, you can register on the BinPartner affiliate program and get extra income from traders’ operations. This partner program from Binomo offers up to 70% of the traders’ revenue vs. affiliate program from IQ Option, where you can get up to 50% commission.


It’s not obvious to deposit many funds for the first time. The minimum investment is $10, and as a new user with a free Demo account, you can get a 25% welcome bonus during the first 30 minutes after registration. Besides that, different deposit and no-deposit bonuses are available for you.

Whether you find a promo code on an email sent by Binomo or see an opportunity to add a bonus while depositing - they are a good way to increase your trading amount. Check more in the terms and conditions to know how to apply the bonus coupons.

How to trade on Binomo?

Opening a fixed-time trade takes just one minute on Binomo but requires some preparation. The good news is that you don’t require an agent to trade on the platform, but you need the experience to make your forecasts.

You need to decide which asset you will trade, deposit the sum, and analyze the chart movements. See the whole process in steps:
  1. First, you define the asset - you can choose a currency pair or any other asset available with your account status.
  2. Deposit the necessary amount that you require for this transaction.
  3. Define the duration of your trade. How to close it? It will be completed automatically after this time expires, and extra income will be delivered to your account (in case of the correct forecast).
  4. Now, find out what price movement most likely will be, in your opinion - UP or DOWN.
  5. After the trade is closed, you’ll figure out whether you get extra income from this transaction or lose the amount invested.

Make sure you trade on your own because bots and any sources providing signals can be cheating. Rely on your experience and knowledge in forecasting.

Also, some newcomers ask how to make money on Binomo. You should understand that trading is risky, and although you can get extra income here, you can also lose the amount invested, which means that this platform is not for a fast profit.

Withdraw funds

Let’s cover the popular question regarding how to withdraw money from Binomo.
  • You can withdraw funds from your account through the same payment method used when you deposited. This rule is implemented because of safety reasons.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.
  • On average, traders get their funds from several minutes to 3 days after request. It depends on the payment system and the type of your account too.
  • Make sure you check the withdrawal limits of Binomo and of your payment system to get the whole required amount or divide your transaction into a few different ones.

Sometimes Binomo asks for verification of your account - in this case, you need to provide your data like personal ID or bank card. It takes just a few minutes, and after the verification is passed, you can conveniently withdraw your funds.

Try the Binomo app for investment and trading.

Here we discussed what the Binomo trading app offers for those who want to study trading and make forecasts based on analytics, especially if people wish to access the charts anywhere and anytime. Hopefully, now you understand the purpose of the app and know the basics of how Binomo works. You know that there are many real proofs of the company’s reliability, and it’s not a fake. The mobile app includes educational tips, a Demo account for training, a Help Center, strategies, and tools that really help you become a professional trader.

Always remember that despite the convenience and benefits of trading online, it’s connected with risks. Anyone can lose the whole amount invested, so trade carefully and pay attention to your learning path.

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