LG Lifestyle TVs Provide Viewers Options and Experiences for a Variety of Occasions

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LG Electronics (LG) debuted its unique Lifestyle TV lineup at CES 2022, designed and created for today's home-centric lifestyle. LG's Lifestyle TVs can help transform a home into an office, gym, gallery, workshop, or entertainment center while enhancing the d├ęcor and making everyday living more delightful. They offer maximum versatility, stylish spatial integration, and more convenient ways to get things done.

LG Objet TV (model 65Art90) and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10) are two pioneering technologies that forsake traditional display design to create new value and user experiences. With their unrivaled form factors and usefulness, these unique goods are ideal for today's multifunctional homes, where working, learning, entertaining, and resting are all part of the daily routine.

LG Objet TV, with its minimalist style and gentle use of neutral hues, fits perfectly into any environment, delivering instant refinement and visual harmony to any interior setting. With the touch of a button on the bundled LG Remote, the LG Objet TV adjusts to customers' changing demands by raising or lowering a fabric cover as the viewer sees fit. Lower the cover to reveal the entire screen for the best viewing experience or see selected lifestyle functions by partially covering the display.

The 65-inch OLED evo panel and powerful processor on the LG Objet TV provide a spectacular viewing experience in Full View mode, bringing material of any genre to life with vibrant, realistic color expression and great contrast. In addition to excellent picture quality, the premium TV features an 80W, 4.2-channel sound system that provides a movie theater-like soundtrack for complete viewer immersion. When the TV is set to Line View, it may help viewers remain on track with Date & Clock throughout the week, morph into a convenient audio player in Music mode, or display a selection of exclusive space and nature-themed photos in Gallery mode.

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Kvadrat, a Danish textile innovator, created the adjustable fabric cover that distinguishes the LG Objet TV from every other TV now on the market. The three color options – Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, and Kvadrat Green – were carefully chosen to complement a broad color palette and fit nicely with various interior designs.

The Objet TV's installation is as delightfully straightforward as its design. The TV is designed to be placed against a wall at a moderate inclination of up to 5 degrees, similar to how art is shown in a modern gallery. While keeping its sleek, contemporary aesthetics, the TV's in-cable frame system makes it simple to attach external devices such as a cable set-top box or gaming console. The TV can even be placed flush to the wall for optimal integration with one's living area.

LG StanbyME, the second new addition to LG's Lifestyle TV portfolio, is the appropriate partner for today's TV viewing habits. The one-of-a-kind entertainment center is a wireless, private TV screen with a built-in battery coupled to a mobile platform with hidden wheels that provides three hours of viewing time before recharging. LG StanbyME's 27-inch display is great for video chatting with family and coworkers and seeing online classes. It can be effortlessly moved from room to room for the ultimate viewing freedom.

The LG StanbyME provides unrivaled convenience and viewing comfort with its ergonomic design. The screen may be swiveled, tilted, and rotated in both landscape and portrait orientations. The height may be modified, allowing the viewer to tailor the position to their needs when reclining in bed, cooking in the kitchen, or lounging on the living room sofa. Mobile Screen Mirroring, which works perfectly with the latest Android and iOS devices and NFC, makes streaming content to LG StanbyME a snap. The viewer can use a removable cradle to set a phone on top of the LG StanbyME to create a quick and secure solution for video conversations, online classes, and streaming material. StanbyME can be connected to a laptop or PC via a cable (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

LG StanbyME is much more usable because of intuitive control choices like remote, touch, and gesture detection. The user interface for this device is unlike any other TV interface in that it is personalized to the viewer's personal viewing experience. LG StanbyME, like its Lifestyle TV sister, has a simple, modern design that goes with a range of decors. The TV, which has a textured fabric back cover and is completed in a distinctive Pure Beige color, adds a warm and natural feel to any area. LG StanbyME can help set the mood when it's not being used as a TV by displaying stunning artworks, images, or a calendar with a clock when it's not being used as a TV.

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