Work Hard, Play Hard: PhoenixLab and LOCAD make setting up work and gaming stations easier

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The adage "work hard, play hard" has never been more true than now. As remote work and learning become more common, more individuals seek technology that will keep them productive while also allowing them to play games. Edmark Gruezo, a long-time IT specialist, recognized the need for this increasing market, so he founded PhoenixLab. LOCAD, a cloud logistics network that enables on-demand warehousing and multi-channel fulfillment, is joining him on this goal.

Work Hard, Play Hard: PhoenixLab and LOCAD make setting up work and gaming stations easier.
Work Hard, Play Hard: PhoenixLab and LOCAD make setting up work and gaming stations easier.

Easy way of online selling

PhoenixLab's operations are now efficient thanks to LOCAD's addition to the team—but this hasn't always been the case. Gruezo struggled to provide top-of-the-line products and services to his consumers prior to LOCAD due to fulfillment issues. On top of organizing and sorting the orders correctly before shipping them out, he had to develop solutions to cope with planned pick-ups not arriving on time or at all in his warehouse.

"Because I work with different delivery companies, I had to coordinate with all of their couriers to schedule the warehouse pick-up." That was the second source of discomfort. What if they don't show up? "When the riders get lost, the orders get lost as well," he recalls.

Gruezo claims that after switching to LOCAD, he has been able to address those business pain areas, claiming that "everything has become easy and automated."

Furthermore, his shop's smooth cross-platform connection with LOCAD was the main selling feature, as it allowed him to increase his revenues from zero to 80% in one online marketplace.

Gruezo recognized that having numerous web stores was crucial to his success. Still, he couldn't accomplish it since handling inventory across two channels would be impossible for him to take alone. Fortunately, he had LOCAD.

Gruezo returned to the marketplace, where he had been dormant for months, and began selling again. The difference was that he used LOCAD to replace his previous fulfillment partners. "Sales doubled," was the end consequence.

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Getting consumer happiness just right

According to LOCAD's 2022 e-commerce trend analysis, aspiring e-commerce players now have a better chance of gaining new clients if they can deliver ease and a smooth user experience. While this creates a unique challenge for online firms to raise their game to keep their loyal consumers from transferring, those satisfied and ultimately retained spend 1.2 times more.

New brands like PhoenixLab have a fantastic starting point in the competitive office and gaming supplies industry by providing excellent customer service.

Customers of PhoenixLab today include IT professionals, gamers, online store operators, and students. Gruezo is convinced that their high-quality laptop accessories, desk organizers, and gaming seats will keep these customers interested and committed. It's a far cry from the problem he faced years ago: the general skepticism about online buying among Filipinos.

Gruezo explains it to the market's poor marketing practices: "A lot of stores just sell things without regard for quality." They simply disregard the customer once they have sold or if there are problems. People then believe that making an internet purchase is difficult."

He was adamant about rejecting that mindset. Gruezo has always prioritized providing an outstanding client experience, stating that "even if I lose, I take care of the customers," based on his personal shopping experience.

Gruezo was always concerned about consumer feedback before LOCAD since his previous fulfillment partners occasionally failed to wrap things correctly.

"My previous delivery partner was also speedy. They were not aware of those events and the sudden surges in sales when there were campaigns like 2/2 or 12/12," he explains the scenario at the time. "During such campaigns, missing products were my major issue."

Partnering with LOCAD, on the other hand, not only solved his packaging concerns but also earned him praise from his clients for the quick and secure delivery of their work-from-home and gaming equipment.

Increasing your skill level

Gruezo may now devote his time to other problems requiring attention now that operations are running smoothly. One of his top priorities is the integration of LOCAD with PhoenixLab's website, which will allow for direct-to-customer purchases and same-day delivery, both of which he plans to accomplish soon. With client expectations rising, Gruezo is confident that remote employment will continue to be an option, regardless of how COVID-19 develops in the country.

"More people are becoming aware of the possibility of working from home. This pattern may continue in the next years. To stay up with it, I'll continue to offer more products and promote integration," he says.

Gruezo recommends joining up with LOCAD for its practicality to budding business owners who want to be free of anxieties regarding delivery as they start from the ground up.

"Using LOCAD is cost-effective," he adds. If you rent a warehouse or hire employees, you must pay not only one month's rent but in advance, and you must pay the employees every month. However, unlike LOCAD, you just pay for what you use. You can simply scale up or down if there is a sudden increase or change in orders."

PhoenixLab is slowly but steadily achieving its aims of assisting consumers in achieving remote-work-life-balance one Filipino at a time, with more sales and returning clients streaming in. "They may work harder, more productively, and play harder, loving their games," explains Gruezo.

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