Epson Virtual Solution Center; An Innovative Digital Showroom

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Epson Virtual Solution Center; An Innovative Digital Showroom

Epson made a virtual showroom with green technologies for businesses in many fields. This makes it easy for customers to visit from their own homes.

Epson Virtual Solution Center; An Innovative Digital Showroom
Epson Virtual Solution Center; An Innovative Digital Showroom

The Epson Virtual Solution Center tries to make it easy for customers to look into new ways to make their businesses more effective, less expensive, and better for the environment.

The virtual platform gives you an immersive virtual experience with a 360-degree view of the seven showrooms. These showrooms have products that meet the business needs of many different industries, such as retail, healthcare, and education. It also has a chat feature where people can talk to Epson's customer service team.

In the Innovative Office Solution showroom, virtual visitors are greeted by an educational movie about how important it is to switch to green technology to reduce energy use and harm to the environment. Epson inkjet printers that use Heat-Free Technology are shown in the showroom, which is on the first floor. Compared to laser printers, this new technology uses 85% less electricity, which saves money for the consumer.

The visitor will go up to the second floor to enter the Innovative Healthcare Solution showroom. It has Epson products that help medical organizations and businesses manage the security of medical records and print high-quality, waterproof labels and payment systems.

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The Epson label printers are made to print labels on demand, and the Innovative Manufacturing Solution display on the third floor shows how Epson helps with cost control and efficient production processes.

The Innovative Retail Solution showroom is on the fourth floor. It has Epson projectors that can be used in retail stores to show off product information and ads, as well as Epson printers that can be used to print receipts, manage orders, and print ads.

The fifth and sixth levels are also open to virtual visitors who want to learn more about new ways to teach and print. In the Education showcase, Epson products like interactive projectors and high-efficiency printers that can be used to improve teaching and learning in the modern classroom are shown. On the other hand, Epson commercial and industrial printers are shown in the Digital Printing showroom as solutions for the picture, outdoor sign, and fashion industries.

The seventh floor of the Epson Virtual Solution Center shows how the company is committed to sustainability and wants a better future through its eco-friendly products and services.

Customers can take a digital tour to a showroom that has both personal and business solutions from Epson. This showroom is part of the same digital tour.

"At Epson, we always look for new ways to do things. Ed Bonoan, the general manager of Epson Philippines' marketing division, says that in this digital age, it only makes sense to give customers a useful online platform where they can find out more about our products without having to go to a physical location. Thanks to the Epson Virtual Solution Center, customers can now see for themselves what Epson products are known for: their efficiency, small size, accuracy, and progress in green technology.

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