Business Transformation Using Digital Archiving with Epson WorkForce DS-1630

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Business Transformation Using Digital Archiving with Epson WorkForce DS-1630

For organizations and governments, switching from traditional to digital archiving can be the spark that ignites a revolution in productivity. Digital archiving entails more than just converting paper records to digital format; it also involves streamlining and simplifying processes, creating "smart archives," and using scanners to boost productivity and efficiency at work.

Business Transformation Using Digital Archiving with Epson WorkForce DS-1630
Business Transformation Using Digital Archiving with Epson WorkForce DS-1630

By switching to smart archiving, Epson, a leader in global technology solutions, can do away with many of the barriers to productivity and workforce organizational growth.

According to Ed Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines, "Traditional record archiving frequently consumes enormous space, leaves more room for human error — such as mislabelling, misplacing, and damaging documents — and ultimately results in downtime rather than focusing on tasks that will benefit the business. "In some industries, the human mistake is acceptable. However, human error or inefficiency can have serious effects in some areas, like the healthcare sector.

Increasing Corporate Productivity

The influence of digitalization is being felt across all sectors of the economy, but maybe nowhere more so than in the healthcare sector. In particular, during a pandemic, the rise in digital archiving has enabled the industry to offer patients advanced options, from faster and effective patient care to the adoption of telehealth or telemedicine to hospitals being able to share cases with one another. Digital archiving in healthcare enhances the quality of life by providing patients with tangible benefits, guaranteeing that all records are current, and producing a noticeable improvement in people's lives. Although scanning has specialized applications in this field, it has a lot in common with other industries regarding the benefits of digital archiving.

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Organizations can reduce their storage space by placing a scanner in the corner of the workplace, thanks to the creativity seen in today's scanners. Epson, the industry leader in document scanners in Southeast Asia, makes this feasible with its small and cutting-edge scanners. By digitizing conventional archives, firms can operate more effectively in the workspace and have a compressed archive from which it is simple to access and extract data. Additionally, integrating or digitally archiving digital documentation has given companies a new way to keep and attract customers.

"Convenience is now a major priority for both consumers and businesses because it allows people to handle administrative tasks while on the go. Businesses that use digital documentation are not constrained by the conventional brick-and-mortar method of traditional archiving thanks to the capability of scanning documents from a mobile phone, signing documents on apps like DocuSign, and the infinite storage potential of the cloud, according to Bonoan. "By decreasing shipping and the need for additional paper and printing, scanning to the cloud makes preserving and accessing these documents faster and more convenient and minimizes environmental impact."

There is a huge need for organizations to have all of their customer information centralized as technology develops to put customers at the core of businesses. Digital archives and the current technologies enable enterprises to have a single source of accurate, dependable, and instantly accessible information, in contrast to traditional archiving, where records are scattered among many repositories.

According to Bonoan, "the consolidation will enable personnel from the same organization to access the same information, allowing them to deliver the same degree of personal care to their consumers, guaranteeing that the customer value is consistent throughout the journey."

Sustainability in New Workstyles

Being sustainable is arguably one of the benefits of scanning that is most underappreciated. Organizations can eliminate the requirement to mail and courier papers in cases where the documents are confidential by sharing them online. As a result, there is a lower chance of losing sensitive data, but even more significantly, there is a significant decrease in carbon footprint.

Finding solutions that meet your organization's needs without sacrificing effectiveness and sustainability is crucial, according to Bonoan. Digitally archiving records is a powerful tool for many businesses and industries to boost productivity inside a company that has traditionally operated in a certain way while promoting sustainable growth.

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