Home Credit Expands Services to Other Sectors to Become Filipinos' "Lifestyle Partner."

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Home Credit Expands Services to Other Sectors to Become Filipinos' "Lifestyle Partner."

Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the top consumer finance company in the country, keeps adding new products to help Filipinos live the lives they want by working with more companies and retailers in essential industries like healthcare, fashion, beauty, and fitness.

Home Credit Expands Services to Other Sectors to Become Filipinos' "Lifestyle Partner."
Home Credit Expands Services to Other Sectors to Become Filipinos' "Lifestyle Partner."

As the lifestyle partner of Filipinos, Home Credit has helped almost 9 million people all over the country. It is a friend to Filipino consumers and helps them do everything on their life's to-do list and make significant investments for the future they want.

Since 2013, Home Credit has been the leader in ensuring everyone in the Philippines has access to money. It helps this cause even more by leading the way in promoting financial literacy and smart lending across the country.

Expanding its services to fit the needs of every Filipino

For partnering to work, you need to be flexible and dependable. Because of this, Home Credit ensures that its financial services and solutions are accessible for Filipinos to get whenever and wherever they need them.

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Home Credit has more than 10,000 point-of-sale (POS) partners where customers can pay for things in installments and get them immediately without a lot of trouble. This shows how committed Home Credit is to its Filipino customers.

Home Credit offers easy payments in addition to easy payments for installments. Customers who use the digital payment method Qwarta from Home Credit will be able to spend an extra Php 10,000 in the Home Credit app, giving them more money to buy things. Qwarta not only lets you pay your bills for free but also lets you shop at a discount and buy in bulk.

With HCProtect, Home Credit also gives customers the chance to insure the things they buy and protect their families from the bad effects of Covid-19 and vaccines.

Letting Filipinos live the lives they want and have the right to

Home Credit wants to help Filipinos get what is rightfully theirs by giving them easy access to credit and various financial products and services that fit their needs. Along with its growing services, it offers programs to help Filipinos learn about money and show them that they can have a financially stable future.

The company's current Para sa Life ad shows how much more they care about its Filipino customers. A big step for Home Credit was using transformative communications and both traditional and digital channels to give the brand a face and a feeling. As part of the campaign, a music video showed how Home Credit is a reliable financial partner that helps Filipinos start new chapters in their lives.

We at Home Credit Philippines think that transformative communication is a powerful way to tell our story, which is the story of empowered Filipinos. Sheila Paul, in charge of marketing at HCPH, says that the Para sa Life campaign did just that because it showed our promise to be with our customers as they go through life. She went on to say that we can keep working for a financially independent and inclusive Philippines because we can give our services and solutions to our customers in relevant ways.

In June, as part of the same campaign, Home Credit also released its signature radio block timepiece about money. This 2-minute segment gives financial advice on all DZRH stations across the country. It was made in partnership with PraXis and the Manila Broadcasting Company. The Wais sa Home nationwide roadshow is about to start. Its goal is to get more young people across the country to learn about money. It will have quizzes and other tools to help people learn about money.

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