SoundPEATS Mini Pro Review; Snatch That Sturdy Sound

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SoundPEATS Mini Pro Review; Snatch That Sturdy Sound


SoundPEATS Mini Pro Review; Snatch That Sturdy Sound
SoundPEATS Mini Pro Review; Snatch That Sturdy Sound

Audio brand SoundPEATS is slowly inching its way through the favorites list of casual listeners and audiophiles alike. This is not surprising at all, especially since SoundPEATS knows its brand – audio for a reasonable price.

With the wide variety of true wireless earphones available in the market, you might find it a bit tedious to find the right pair for you. Fret not, as the SoundPEATS Mini Pro could be your match. Read on to find out why.


True to its name, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro is as mini as it can get. This tiny and lightweight pair comes enclosed in a small, pebble-shaped charging case that you can easily slip into your pockets and carry wherever you go. But despite its portable build, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro earphones don't compromise on sound supremacy. We'll discuss more about its audio quality in the latter part of this review.

SoundPEATS Mini Pro TWS Earbuds
SoundPEATS Mini Pro TWS Earbuds

The SoundPEATS Mini Pro comes in a heavily branded package with a sizeable SoundPEATS logo up front with a holographic effect. Once you open the box, you'll be greeted with the small charging case dressed in matte – which is a good thing for us because this kind of cover somehow deflects fingerprints and smudges.

SoundPEATS Mini Pro Charing Case
Charing Case

The charging case of the SoundPEATS Mini Pro is perhaps one of the smallest cases out there. It's tiny enough to be hidden entirely if you have big hands. The TWS pair inside the charging case is even smaller – but while they're tiny, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro isn't the kind of "barely there" audio accessory. Yes, they're lightweight, but you'll definitely feel them on your ears, given the pressure due to their rubber tips.

SoundPEATS Mini Pro USB Cable and Eartips
USB Cable and Eartips

Speaking of which, this pair comes with four extra rubber tips for you to find suitable sizes for your ears. Comfort and ergonomics with the SoundPEATS Mini Pro are on an average level for us as this pair sometimes falls off the ears, especially when used during workouts. However, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro has an IPX5 waterproof rating which means this pair can withstand rain and sweat.

The earbuds themselves come in a small, circular form sans the stems. There's a prominent SoundPEATS logo on each earbud and a tiny LED light that indicates a lot of things, including the pairing status and battery level.

This pair also supports touch controls – double taps allow you to pause and play a track, and a tap on the right earbud and on the left one is for increasing and decreasing the volume, respectively. Skipping to the next song can be done by a long press on the right earbud while doing the same thing on the left earbud toggles the pair's active noise cancellation feature and Transparency mode. Three taps on the right are for summoning your device's voice assistant, while the same action on the left one is to turn Game Mode on and off.

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This set of touch controls might be a lot to memorize but what we appreciate about the SoundPEATS Mini Pro is how it allows volume adjustment conveniently through the earbuds themselves, removing the need to pull up the connected device to increase or decrease sound volumes.

Using the SoundPEATS Mini Pro is as easy as it can get. However, what we find confusing is how to reset its Bluetooth pairing, which is heavily because of the lack of a physical reset button. To reset the pair, you first need to clear the pairing record from all your devices (which is unnecessary since you have to pair it again if you'll be using the same devices), place both earbuds back in the charging case and actually charge them, and press and hold both buttons for 10 seconds until the LEDs turn red.

This process could be a deal breaker for some, especially for those who switch from one device to another when listening to music on the go.


Leave it to SoundPEATS to deliver audio accessories that bring decent tunes. We've tried a few SoundPEATS devices in the past, and the Mini Pro carries the same caliber of sound quality. Its strong suit is in the lows department, while mids and highs are on average. Bass levels are not that too prominent but aren't lacking either.

Calls and voice recording are nice and decent as well with this pair. Using the SoundPEATS Mini Pro for watching videos and playing games is also a delight, as these earphones offer low latency.

If you'd like to explore more how far the SoundPEATS Mini Pro can go in terms of audio performance, you can tweak its parameters using the SoundPEATS app, available for free download for Android and iOS. You'll find many audio presets on the app and even a custom equalizer.

This pair could be better in terms of sound quality, and you'll notice it the more you use it for casual listening, but the SoundPEATS Mini Pro definitely grants you what you paid for.


The SoundPEATS Mini Pro can last up to two weeks on a single charge with around four hours max of usage per week – a pretty remarkable feat. Charging the case using its USB-C wire usually takes a little over an hour before reaching 100 percent again. Given these numbers, we can definitely conclude that battery life is one of the best things about this pair of true wireless earphones.


With Bluetooth 5.2 at play, you can count on the SoundPEATS Mini Pro's sturdy wireless connection. Even with a significant distance and with walls in between the pair and the music source, this pair didn't stutter during our tests.


The SoundPEATS Mini Pro is a good buy for P2,790. This pair covers the basics of easy, seamless, and decent music listening with a little bit of bonuses when it comes to battery life and portability. Get yours now via Digital Walker stores and online channels nationwide.

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