SoundPEATS MAC TWS Earbuds Review: Sensible Sound

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SoundPEATS has always been an underrated audio brand, at least from how we see it in the Philippine market. This is something that hopefully will change soon because the Singapore-based audio company has proven that it knows what it's doing with its audio devices. Yet another proof of this is the SoundPEATS MAC TWS Earbuds. Let's take a closer look at this sub-P2K audio gem.

SoundPEATS MAC TWS Earbuds Review: Sensible Sound
SoundPEATS MAC TWS Earbuds Review: Sensible Sound

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Just like the SoundPEATS Truengine III SE and the SoundPEATS TrueFree2, we have previously reviewed, the SoundPEATS MAC TWS Earbuds have a nice overall build and design. Its form factor and charging case that looks like a compact mirror remind us of the OPPO Enco W31. Its matte black body with a rubberized finish -- both for the case and for the earbuds -- complements the minimalist look and feel of the SoundPEATS MAC TWS. We liked how the brand opted for a clean and neat look for this audio device as there are no fancy and unnecessary details.

SoundPEATS MAC Philippines

On top of the charging case resides the SoundPEATS logo, while at its back part, the USB Type-C port and the LED charging indicator are located. Perhaps the only thing we found as a caveat to the charging case of the SoundPEATS MAC TWS is that it appears to be prone to scratches, so better take extra precaution to keep it in pristine condition. It’s also highly portable, and you can easily bring this anywhere in your pockets.

The earphones themselves are designed with an ergonomic fit. You can use the pair during workouts as they don't fall off the ears easily, and they are also rated IPX7, meaning the earbuds can withstand splashes and even being submerged in water up to 15cm for 30 minutes. For a pair of earphones offered at a price point like that of the SoundPEATS MAC TWS, this feature is a good addition.

SoundPEATS MAC Unit and Charging Case
SoundPEATS MAC Unit and Charging Case

The pair of earbuds sports a clean look with nothing but the SoundPEATS branding as the extra detail. There are also well-hidden LED indicators on both earphones that lit up when the touch functions are utilized. At the bottom of the earbuds' stems are their microphones. Compared to other TWS with stems, the SoundPEATS MACT TWS has longer ones, and we don’t mind if it means it can provide longer battery life (more about this at the latter part of the review) and better fit.

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Speaking of touch controls, these are among the many things that we liked about the SoundPEATS MAC TWS. They’re responsive but not overly sensitive, and it’s easy to get used to. Just like other true wireless earphones, the SoundPEATS MAC TWS offers smart controls for answering and rejecting calls, turning the volume up and down, playing and pausing tracks, and accessing your device's voice assistant.

SoundPEATS MAC Retail Package
Retail Package

Out of the box, the SoundPEATS MAC TWS comes with the USB Type-C cable for charging, two extra pairs of rubberized ear tips, and the usual paperwork for manual and warranty.


We can’t emphasize enough how impressed we are every time we try a SoundPEATS audio device. The SoundPEATS MAC TWS delivers decent audio, and listening to various music genres using the pair is definitely a delightful experience. It’s noticeable how this pair can separate vocals from background instruments. It also has a good soundstage, capable of maintaining good mids, lows, and highs. To get the maximum audio experience in terms of the bass department with this TWS, we recommend adjusting the volume to 75 to 80%. But if you can handle going beyond that, it isn’t a problem with the SoundPEATS MAC TWS either, as its sound doesn’t break even when set at higher volumes.

SoundPEATS MAC Performance

The Bluetooth connection of SoundPEATS MAC TWS is also one of its strong points. It comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so you can expect nothing less than a smooth-flowing music experience without any stutter. It’s also a plus that these earbuds come compatible with both the AAC and SBC audio codec. In baby language, this means that the pair can deliver outstanding music quality through Bluetooth.

It also has a mono and stereo mode, which allowed us to use just one earbud from the pair, and the music will still play. This is unlike other affordable TWS offerings that give you no choice but to use both earbuds. Otherwise, they won't function. This is also a good alternative since the SoundPEATS MAC TWS doesn't have the ambient listening feature. So using just a single earbud can be beneficial in hearing your surroundings when you're out, and you want to listen to music.

The SoundPEATS MAC TWS also handles phone calls pretty well, all thanks to its noise cancellation function. With that said, this pair can be your trusty buddy in conference calls and online meetings.

Call quality, unfortunately, is not a strong department for the SoundPEATS MAC TWS. Although it comes with a noise cancellation function, audio clatter remains apparent during calls, and it also gives a muddy voice. So if you’re relying heavily on your Bluetooth earphones for online calls and video conferences, you might want to look for other options.


At the early part of this review, we mentioned that there's an LED indicator at the back of the charging case of the SoundPEATS MAC TWS beside its USB-C charging port. Take note that the number of times this LED indicator blinks tells you the battery levels of the charging case. A single blink refers to 0-25% of battery life, two blinks for 26 to 50%, three blinks for 51 to 75%, and four blinks for 76 to 100%. SoundPEATS could have put four LED indicators for easier reference to this, but then again, they might be prioritizing more to give the SoundPEATS MAC TWS an overall minimalist look.

The SoundPEATS MAC TWS doesn't have wireless charging support, which honestly isn't that much of a caveat for this audio device considering its price point. If you're looking for a pair that can be charged wirelessly, you can always opt to get the more expensive options.

A single charge of the SoundPEATS MAC TWS can last up to 9 hours of music playback. With the juice that its charging case has, all in all, you can get up to 60 hours of music streaming. Refueling the earbuds back to 100% battery life took us around an hour and 15 minutes, whereas the battery required two hours of charging.


Considering its fair share of good and not-so-good qualities, the SoundPEATS MAC TWS is undeniable of great value. For just Php1,290, you can get a premium-looking pair of truly wireless earbuds that deliver their function without any fuss. The SoundPEATS MAC TWS is available in Digital Walker Stores nationwide and via the Home Office website.

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