Globe registers nearly 11M prepaid SIMs, urges customers to register by April 26

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Globe registers nearly 11M prepaid SIMs and urges customers to register by April 26.

Globe, the market leader in mobile, registered more than 11 million active prepaid SIMs more than a month after the law requiring all Filipinos to register their SIMs went into force.

Globe registers nearly 11M prepaid SIMs, urges customers to register by April 26
Globe registers nearly 11M prepaid SIMs, urges customers to register by April 26

Globe surpassed the crucial 11-million mark on Monday, January 30, 2023, one month after the SIM Registration Act was introduced as a way of combating cybercrime, particularly the rise of scam emails caused by the anonymity provided by prepaid SIMs.

"We appreciate our clients' quick registration of their SIM cards. We prioritize providing our customers with a simple registration process because we understand how important it is to avoid spreading spam and fraudulent messages. "We are dedicated to meeting the deadline and continuing our efforts to protect our clients from scammers and fraudsters," said Darius Delgado, CEO of Globe's Consumer Mobile Business.

If they haven't already, Globe customers are encouraged to visit the company's user-friendly registration portal at The Globe network currently has 87.4 million active SIM subscribers.

Customers will be able to register their SIM cards through an additional channel beginning in February: the GlobeOne app. Customers who use GlobeOne will have access to exclusive deals and discounts available only through the app.

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Globe also assisted government-led aided registration at priority locations countrywide from January 25 to January 27. Globe set up booths in 15 locations and assisted everyone in need, especially those who required special help, such as the elderly, persons with impairments, and those using basic/feature phones.

In addition to aiding the NTC-led assisted SIM registration, Globe has begun deploying its own on-site assistance booths across the country. It coordinated SIM registration assistance from January 27 to 29 in 30 Puregold branches in key Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao districts. It will soon provide SIM registration help in additional locations.

These programs aim to provide clients with easy ways to register before April 26, 2023, deadline. Users who do not complete their registration by the deadline will have their SIM cards deactivated.

Even before the new law took effect, Globe implemented several measures to reduce disruptive messages, including proactive blocking, collaboration with financial institutions for threat intelligence, a customer reporting portal, and an awareness and education campaign to assist customers with online safety.

Visit to discover more about Globe and the SIM registration process.

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