Experience Exciting 6.6 Mid-Year Discounts with Cherry and Shopee

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Experience Exciting 6.6 Mid-Year Discounts with Cherry and Shopee

It's time to treat yourself and your loved ones to some wonderful prices during the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale, which takes place halfway through the year. Cherry will be only accessible on Shopee from June 6-8, 2023, and will provide a wide choice of products at significant discounts.

Experience Exciting 6.6 Mid-Year Discounts with Cherry and Shopee
Experience Exciting 6.6 Mid-Year Discounts with Cherry and Shopee

Upgrade your home entertainment with Cherry's Smart TV lineup, which includes a variety of sizes and features at low rates. The Cherry Aqua Smart TV is available in three sizes: a 55-inch model with 4K UHD resolution and the latest Google TV operating system, a 43-inch model with Full HD resolution and 74W power output, and a 32-inch model with HD resolution and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. You can get exclusive discount vouchers ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 on these models.

Cherry's Food Cleaner prioritizes your health by using Hydroxyl purification technology to clean and disinfect fruits, vegetables, and meat with a single click. It costs Php2,999. Additionally, for only Php1,499 (was Php3,398), you can protect yourself with the Cherry Ion Personal Air Purifier, a small wearable device that emits up to 200 million negative ions within a 3-foot radius, and get a buy one, get one free deal.

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With Cherry's smart gadgets, you may get affordable smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as fantastic bargains and freebies on numerous models. For Php2,999, you may get the Flare S7 3GB with a free Cherry Ion Personal Air Purifier, or you can choose from different Flare S8 models with prices ranging from Php3,199 to Php4,999. The Aqua Tab S1 tablet costs Php6,666 and includes a free screen protector, while the beautiful Avita Pura 14" Windows Laptop costs Php17,900 and includes a free Cherry Flask, Mouse, and Bullguard Internet Security. The AVITA Essential 14" laptop, which comes with a complimentary Cherry Flask and laptop backpack, is an inexpensive option for remote professionals.

Cherry Roam's portable Wi-Fi devices allow you to stay connected while traveling. The Cherry Roam 5G U50 provides ultra-fast internet for 16,000 people and comes with a complimentary Portable Neck Fan or Cherry Ion Personal Air Purifier. The Cherry Roam G3, which costs Php6,990, and the Cherry Roam TI Style, which costs Php2,490, both get a complimentary Portable Neck Fan.

Take advantage of Cherry's great discounts! To shop, go to their official Shopee stores at https://bit.ly/cherryofficialstoreph and https://bit.ly/cherrymobileshopee.

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