How To Keep Your Digital Wallet Safe From Phishing

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Ways To Keep Your Digital Wallet Safe From Phishing

About 300 Gcash account holders reported illegal transactions to bank accounts such as East West and AUB earlier this month. It was reported that the attacks on the digital wallet platform were from the phishing scheme launched through online gambling websites in the country.

How To Keep Your Digital Wallet Safe From Phishing
How To Keep Your Digital Wallet Safe From Phishing

The security breach that puts a threat to the information privacy of users through gaming sites has opened an extensive investigation by the National Privacy Commission (NPC). Scammers targeted Gcash users that are involved in online casino Philippine peso transactions, phishing them for personal information, credit card details, and passwords.

Gcash quickly took action to settle with the involved banks to freeze accounts and cooperate with the investigation done by NPC. On the other hand, the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) is strictly monitoring online gambling apps, mainly the influencers who endorse those that are non-PAGCOR licensed. To prevent this form of attack from continuing, read more to know the most important prevention tips.

Phishing prevention tips

Phishing is an illegal action that aims to steal the private details of a person through malware. This is done by hackers pretending as a trusted source or link from a person or organization. Anyone could be a victim of phishing attacks as hackers align their schemes through the targets’ interests and lifestyles.

This form of cybercrime is seen in spam emails that appear in your inbox. Once you open the email, it will ask you to click a link that will redirect you to a webpage asking for your social media logins and passwords. After you take the bait, it will then take you to another website looking like a legitimate entity to ask you for more details from you.

Phishing leads to infecting your device with malware, getting personal info to steal money from you, taking control of your online accounts, and at worst, blackmailing you to send money. Here are some preventive measures to keep your digital wallets safe from phishing scams:

1. Enable security settings
Exhaust the best security options you can apply to your digital wallet. There are multi-factor authentication, PIN passwords, fingerprint recognition, and more to secure your wallet better. Hence, this will also notify you if there are unauthorized attempts to break into your account, which will allow you to immediately prevent the scam.

2. Beware of unknown fraudulent emails
Email accounts are the most at-risk platform for phishing sites. Digital wallets are also mostly linked to your emails, therefore, there is a high risk of getting hacked through pseudo emails. Once you receive an unknown email, it is best to delete it immediately rather than go through it.

Phishing emails are usually discrepant and incorrect. In an attempt to look legitimate, this kind of email falls short of spelling and contains grammar errors, generic greetings, and, most of all, the urgency to click the link attached.

3. Do not rely on second-hand digital wallets
There are individuals who get tricked with second-hand digital wallets as it does not require any more authentication and registration steps. However, this is extremely dangerous because the digital wallet is not from a reputable provider.

Digital wallets that are also used in online gambling, such as online casino Philippine peso payment and transaction methods, are vulnerable to this type of mistake. Especially on a platform that involves a huge amount of money, it is better to use digital wallets that are legitimate and secure.

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