Two Decades of Innovation: Celebrating SWEEP's 20th Anniversary

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Two Decades of Innovation: Celebrating SWEEP's 20th Anniversary

PLDT and Smart, steadfast in their commitment, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), a pioneering initiative fostering technological innovation and aptitude among the youth. SWEEP, the Philippines' foremost industry-academic collaboration, has been nurturing young minds since its inception in 2003.

Two Decades of Innovation: Celebrating SWEEP's 20th Anniversary
Two Decades of Innovation: Celebrating SWEEP's 20th Anniversary

The brainchild of Cathy Yap-Yang, FVP and Head of Group Corporate Communications at PLDT and Smart, SWEEP was designed to induce a paradigm shift in the industry, cultivating creativity in educational institutions. The initiative's primary objective was to spur Filipino students towards STEM and ICT-related disciplines, thereby molding a new generation of tech-savvy trailblazers.

Over the years, SWEEP has blossomed into a sustainable platform for comprehensive learning, serving as a lighthouse for youth development and technological progression. "Our robust collaborations with the nation's premier colleges and universities have culminated in a cadre of industry-ready graduates, primed to cater to the digital needs of our customers, communities, and the nation at large," commented Roderick S. Santiago, Head of Network at PLDT and Smart.

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Stephanie V. Orlino, AVP and Head of Stakeholder Management Team at PLDT and Smart, underscored the importance of SWEEP in providing continuous learning opportunities and exposure to emergent technologies. She expressed confidence that such exposure would equip the youth with innovative solutions capable of making significant positive impacts on both present and future generations.

In honor of SWEEP's 20th anniversary and its remarkable milestones, the PLDT Group recently hosted an exclusive learning and networking summit for its partner schools, named SWEEP@20 and beyond. The summit offered a window into the future, exploring the transformative potential of technologies like 5G, AI, extended reality, cloud computing, and advanced networks in constructing a sustainable and inclusive world for all Filipinos.

The PLDT Group's unwavering commitment to inclusive learning and industry-academic partnerships, as evidenced by initiatives like SWEEP, indicates its dedication to enhancing STEM education in the Philippines. This commitment aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education and is in consonance with the vision of the Philippine Government's Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC). As a founding member of the Digital Infrastructure pillar of PSAC, PLDT is poised to bridge the digital divide, fostering more STEM experts and preparing an increasing number of Filipinos for the jobs of the future.

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