Acer Launches Acerpure Technological Lifestyle Products in the Philippines

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Acer Launches Acerpure Technological Lifestyle Products in the Philippines

Acer, renowned for its technological expertise and innovation, is expanding its scope. The tech giant is stepping into the home essentials sector with their newest brand, Acerpure, an all-inclusive solution offering state-of-the-art technological lifestyle products.

Acer Launches Acerpure Technological Lifestyle Products in the Philippines
Acer Launches Acerpure Technological Lifestyle Products in the Philippines

Acerpure is the perfect complement to every home in an era where health and technology are closely intertwined. Acer's commitment through Acerpure is not just to sell products but to promote healthier homes and lifestyles.

Sue Ong-Lim, General Manager of Acer Philippines, says, "Acerpure is designed to provide technological innovations that cater to a range of consumer needs. Our vision is to foster an Acerpure home ecosystem where consumers can live with ease and comfort."

Acerpure products incorporate Integrated Technology, ensuring cleaner homes, purer air, and safer water. The Smart Integration feature allows for effortless control and monitoring via smartphones and other devices. Acerpure products are designed with the environment in mind, focusing on energy efficiency and minimizing waste production.

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Acerpure's Air Purifier Series promises healthier, purer air. The Acerpure Cozy Air Purifier ensures every corner of your home is filled with clean, fresh air, circulating air up to 15 meters away and refreshing it five times an hour. Its 3D Airflow Technology offers a broader range and more targeted airflow than a traditional fan. The Acerpure Cozy comes with 12 touch-activated speed settings and a 90° up/down, 95° left/right oscillation adjustment for precise and easy control. It also optimizes energy consumption by balancing room temperatures with existing heating and cooling systems.

The Acerpure Cool features a 4-in-1 HEPA filter that purifies the air by eliminating bacteria, allergens, and pollutants. This four-layer filter provides protection against harmful air by removing pet hair, dander, and 99.97% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns, including PM1.0 allergens, bacteria, formaldehyde, and odors.

Enhance Your Cleaning Experience with Acerpure's Clean Series. The Acerpure Clean V1 empowers you to clean with professional efficiency. It's more quiet and user-friendly, combining power, convenience, and lightness. Despite its slim and powerful 1.5kg ultralight, cordless body, it comes with a visual battery life indicator, multiple cleaning modes, an electric power brush with hair-free technology, and four built-in LED lights.

The Acerpure Clean V1 lite is incredibly lightweight at 550g, boasting a 13000Pa suction power and up to 15 minutes of cleaning time. It offers dual functionality, a one-button switch, a DC motor, and a USB type-C charger.

In celebration of Acerpure's Philippine launch, international superstar Sandara Park has teamed up with Acerpure as its brand ambassador, perfectly embodying the brand's clean and healthy image. Fans can also look forward to a web series from SB19 and Team Payaman.

Princess Laosantos, Acer Philippines Senior Marketing Manager, is thrilled about the upcoming Mahangin Challenge featuring SB19 and Team Payaman, who will be testing Acerpure products.

For more information about Acerpure products and the Mahangin Challenge, visit Acerpure's official Facebook page (@AcerpurePH) or the website

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