Marshall Acton III Review; Sonic Superiority with Vintage Vibes

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Marshall Acton III Review Philippines

The classic, timeless appeal of Marshall audio devices in their vintage look fortunately comes with outstanding sound quality. This is the combination that the international brand has been leveraging for years, attracting casual listeners and audiophiles from various generations.

Marshall Acton III Review; Sonic Superiority with Vintage Vibes
Marshall Acton III Review; Sonic Superiority with Vintage Vibes

If you're a neophyte to the Marshall world and currently feeling overwhelmed with all the choices available, the Marshall Acton III is a good start. Read on and find out why.


Marshall speakers are eye-catching pieces of tech. That's an undeniable fact. The retro look Marshall has maintained over the years isn't only an excellent move for branding and marketing. It's also a sustainable and an elegant design language.

Marshall Acton III Controls

The Marshall Acton III is among the brand's offerings that couldn't look any more like a Marshall audio device. There's the cursive, premium-looking gold-plated logo at the front part of the rectangular block speaker on top of a woven speaker grille. The surrounding part of the entire Marshall Acton III is of black leather. Marshall said that the Acton III is actually made of a PVC-free build that's 70% recycled plastic and only vegan materials.

Marshall Acton III Back

Complimenting the vintage look of the speaker is an old-fashioned control panel – complete with knobs for volume, bass, and treble levels and a retro switch for power on and off. There's also a source button to toggle between the AUX port and a Bluetooth connection. Plus, there's a dedicated knob to skip songs backward or forward and a button to play and pause a track.

At the back part of Marshall Acton III is a less aesthetic-looking panel with a chunk of text and regulator markings, among other things.

A common choice among Marshall speakers is the black variant, but the cream and brown colorways are equally beautiful too. The Marshall Acton III measures 260 x 170 x 150 mm and weighs 2.85 kilograms.

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The speaker lacks a water resistance feature, which makes sense because the Marshall Acton III isn't exactly a portable audio device, given its size.

Alongside the speaker itself, the Marshall Acton III package comes with only the user manual and other paperwork for legal and safety information.


Among the many things Marshall speakers are known for is that it's not only about the looks – they actually perform in aspects they're supposed to deliver. Audio-wise, Marshall Acton III produces the sound quality that's expected from a brand with so much legacy.

Marshall Acton III
Marshall Acton III

The Marshall Acton III's sound is room-filling. The soundstage is excellent, as expected, on a high-quality stereo speaker, especially in tracks like Santana's "Smooth," in which Marshall Acton III does an impressive job of separating the instruments and the vocals. Emotionally soulful tracks like Coldplay's "Fix You" also sound heavenly on the Marshall Acton III. The bass is also strong with Marshall Acton III, enough to make songs like Post Malone's "Candy Paint" pack a punch even more. The Marshall Acton III also delivered spectacularly acoustic songs, like Taylor Swift's version of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September" on Spotify.

On the technical side of things, the Marshall Acton III has a frequency range of 45-20,000Hz and a maximum sound pressure level of 95 dB @ 1m. It carries one 30-watt Class D amplifier as the woofer and two 15-watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters.

The Marshall Acton III has no voice command function or microphone system. Its Bluetooth 5.2 range is at a decent 10-meter limitation.

Sound settings of the Marshall Acton III can be tweaked using the compatible Marshall Bluetooth App. It could have been more impressive if there were more functions available within the app other than choosing the placement compensation and adjusting the bass and treble levels through an equalizer.


Easy to use and easy on the eyes, the Marshall Acton III provides a simple and stylish audio experience. If vintage is what you're looking for – whether in looks or in function – then you'll be happy to spend Php17,990 on the Marshall Acton III.

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