Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines Unleashes Revolutionary 2024 Product Portfolio

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Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines Unleashes Revolutionary 2024 Product Portfolio

Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines (PACPH), a leader in the air conditioning industry, is happy to show off its innovative 2024 line of air conditioners and ventilation solutions at the recently concluded PACPH Convention 2024. On January 26, the big event to launch the product took place at the fancy Hyatt Ballroom.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines Unleashes Revolutionary 2024 Product Portfolio
A ceremonial toast to a new journey from Panasonic and PACPH management (L-R: Mr. Masahiro Aiba, Mr. Petter Nik Lim Ting, Mr. Akihiro Yamaguchi, Mr. Kazuya Higami, Mr. Kazutoshi Watanabe, and Mr. Kenichiro Watanabe).

The release of these cutting-edge products shows that Panasonic is still committed to giving the Filipino market better and more creative options. Mr. Kazuya Higami, President of Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation, opened the event with a heartfelt greeting. He stressed that the company aims to improve Filipino lives with high-quality goods made in Japan.

After the warm welcome, Mr. Kazutoshi Watanabe presented the Asia HVAC Business Strategy, and Mr. Akihiro Yamaguchi showed off PACPH's business plan for the fiscal year 2024. PACPH's Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Petter Nik Lim Ting, talked about the company's sales growth and special deals just for Panasonic AC sellers.

Energy economy, cleaner air, convenience, and comfort are at the heart of the new line of products. Panasonic's nanoe X Generator Mark 3, which uses nanoeTM X technology to make an amazing 48 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second, making the world cleaner, was one of the best features.

Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe™ X Confirmed to Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus

By using Panasonic's patented inverter technology, you can save energy without sacrificing ease. The nanoeTM X and nanoeTM G technologies get rid of pollution and PM2.5 well, which helps make the air inside cleaner.

The Comfort Cloud App, which lets people control their air units from afar, was also shown off at the event. Better features, like the Humidity Sensor and Dry Mode, keep you from getting too cold and make you feel more comfortable overall.

PACPH stated that the warranty period for compressors would be extended to twelve (12) years, and the warranty period for PCB parts would be extended to three (3) years. This gives customers even more peace of mind.

At the end of the night, there was a celebration to show respect for the hard work of air conditioning dealers. Mr. Gary Valenciano, a brand ambassador for Panasonic, put on a captivating show that made the event even more fun.

At the end of the event, PACPH Management raised a toast to unity and the start of a new era for the organization. They said again that they would give all dealers and stakeholders excellent service, high-quality goods, and thorough training.

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