Converge Amplifies Fiber Internet Plans and Paint The Nation Purple

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Converge ICT Solutions Inc. Amplifies Fiber Internet Plans and Bathes the Philippines in Radiant Purple

Converge ICT Solutions Inc., the best fiber broadband service in the Philippines, is once again showing off how great its fiber technology is. They just won the prestigious Ookla Speedtest Awards in February. The company is adding an impressive of up to 600 Mbps to its FiberX plans at no extra cost to its current users.

Converge Amplifies Fiber Internet Plans and Paint The Nation Purple
Converge Amplifies Fiber Internet Plans and Paint The Nation Purple

Converge turned its Manila headquarters into a mesmerizing show of purple light for a celebration event where this important news was made. This beautiful show was put on again in essential places across the country, such as Plaza Anghel in Angeles City, Fort San Pedro in Cebu City, and Damosa IT Park in Davao City. This event, which was streamed online and attended by brand ambassadors, media representatives, and subscribers, shows how committed Converge is to making the lives of Filipinos better through better connections.

Converge is giving this speed boost to its over 2 million loyal customers as a way of saying thanks for being the fastest and most praised internet service provider in the Philippines.

As part of its goal to give Filipinos and businesses more power, Converge is giving away an upgrade to its cheap FiberX plans, including unlimited bandwidth. These improved packages offer a better and faster online experience.

Here are the new FiberX plans and their faster speeds:
  • FiberX 1500: Now offers 300 Mbps
  • FiberX 2000: Now offers 500 Mbps
  • FiberX 2500: Now offers 700 Mbps
  • FiberX 3500: Now offers 1 Gbps

Converge Leads Netflix ISP Speed Index in 2023

"As more people trust us with their internet needs, we stay dedicated to providing excellent service, as shown by our wins at the Ookla Speedtest Awards. Dennis Anthony Uy, CEO and Co-Founder of Converge said, "This speed boost is our way of showing that we are in full #BoostMode and making sure that our customers have a better online experience with us as their trusted connectivity partner."

The nationwide and automatic speed boost deal from Converge is good from today until March 31, 2024. There is a speed boost available to all current residential customers with plans running from FiberX Plan 1500 to 7000. There are no other requirements, costs, or sign-ups needed to be eligible.

"Converge is dedicated to giving customers a great experience, and our awards show that." As part of our promise to our more than 2 million users, we give them a speed boost yearly, said Benjamin B. Azada, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer of Converge. "This speed boost emphasizes Converge's commitment to bridging the gap with the best in the world in terms of connectivity, affordability, and experience."

As the world quickly goes digital, Converge’s end-to-end fiber network is the youngest and strongest in the Philippines. It continues to close the digital gap and promote digital democracy. The company aims to connect the Philippines' most remote and underdeveloped places so that all Filipinos and businesses can benefit.

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