Globe Ushers in a New Digital Era with the Launch of Local Prepaid eSIM

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Globe Prepaid eSIM Now Officially Available

Globe, a leading mobile service provider in the Philippines, is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge local prepaid eSIM, which is a huge step toward long-term digital access.

Globe Ushers in a New Digital Era with the Launch of Local Prepaid eSIM
Globe Ushers in a New Digital Era with the Launch of Local Prepaid eSIM

This state-of-the-art Globe Prepaid local eSIM is the perfect mix of ease of use, environmental kindness, and a smooth digital experience. It has a new eSIM compatibility check that makes sure customers' devices can work with this new technology.

Costing only PHP99, the Globe Prepaid local eSIM is more than just a way to communicate. It shows care for the earth by reducing the need for physical SIMs and eliminating plastic use in eSIM distribution.

The GlobeOne app is the only way to get to the eSIM, which works with both iOS and Android devices. Customers can easily download and set up their eSIM as soon as they buy it, so they don't have to wait for a real SIM to be sent to them.

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It's very easy to turn on the eSIM. If you have an iOS phone, you can either use the camera to read the QR code in the email or add the eSIM under "Cellular Plans" in your phone's settings. People with Android phones can get to the QR code by going to the "SIM Card Manager" setting on their phone. The GlobeOne app is where all users must register their eSIM.

With the eSIM, users can also handle multiple profiles with separate phone numbers from one device. This feature lets users easily switch between lines for a variety of reasons, such as travel, activities after work, and other lifestyle interests.

Globe's Vice President of Mobile Prepaid Business, Eric Tanbauco, said, "Our move to eSIM technology is a key part of our digital-first strategy." It makes a big difference in how much damage we do to the earth and makes it easier for customers to connect to the internet.

At the moment, only new Globe Prepaid cell numbers can get the Globe Prepaid Local eSIM. Globe is still committed to improving its services, and it plans to make it easier for people to switch from real prepaid SIM cards to eSIM cards soon.

Get the GlobeOne app and a Globe Prepaid local eSIM today to join Globe Prepaid on the path to a more environmentally friendly and digitally connected future.

Please go to to learn more about the Globe Prepaid Local eSIM.

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