PRISM+ F240i Review; A Solid Choice of an Affordable Gaming Monitor

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PRISM+ F240i Review; A Solid Choice of an Affordable Gaming Monitor


Multi-monitor setup users will agree – there's no looking back when you go dual or triple. The ease of use and convenience brought about by working, playing, and streaming on multiple screens are among the best things out of technology.

PRISM+ F240i Review; A Solid Choice of an Affordable Gaming Monitor
PRISM+ F240i Review; A Solid Choice of an Affordable Gaming Monitor

While the monitor market isn't as fiercely competitive as the smartphone segment, here and there, new challenger surface. This includes Singapore's number 1 monitor brand PRISM+ that offers economical options for quality gaming monitors. Let's take a look at one model under its lineup in the Philippines, the PRISM+ F240i.


Safely tucked in a secure white box with all the preliminary details to know about the monitor, the PRISM+ F240i comes with the essentials. Apart from the monitor itself, the package comes with the power cord, a metal stand stem and stand base, a VESA adapter (some monitors require a separate purchase for this), a Display Port cable instead of an HDMI wire, three 14mm screws for stand installation, and five 10mm screws for stand installation and arm or wall mounting.


Setting up the PRISM+ F240i is a walk in the park, especially if you're only utilizing it with the stand. All that's needed to do is to put together the stand stem and the base then connect it to the monitor itself.

The included manual also has detailed instructions on how to install the monitor with the stand or VESA-mounted complete with illustrations.


Easy installation for the PRISM+ F240i is partly because of its light build with a net weight of 2.9 kilograms. Its overall build appears sturdy despite most parts of its form factor covered in plastic.

Design-wise, the only indicator that the PRISM+ F240i is poised as a gaming monitor is the lighting details on its bottom ends that give off a futuristic vibe. At the back, there's a protruding part that connects the stand to the monitor and houses the ports and the OSD button.

PRISM+ F240i Ports

Connectivity is slightly limited with the PRISM+ F240i. For ports, there's one each for power, HDMI 2.0, display port 1.4, and a 3.5mm audio. This segment of the monitor is a telltale that the PRISM+ F240i is under the more affordable category as most of the premium monitors have more port options.

The screen allows an up-and-down tilt up to a certain degree for added viewing ergonomics. Take note that the PRISM+ F240i isn't ideal to be used in portrait mode as its stand is designed for landscape orientation.


As monitors should be, the main strengths of the PRISM+ F240i are display-related. Its 24-inch slate is packed with lots of gaming and personalization functions that are enjoyable to discover and tweak.

PRISM+ F240i Display

Unlike other budget monitors that have prominent frames, the PRISM+ F240i has slim bezels, except on its chin. With this, you can set up a continuous screen when you use multiple PRISM+ F240i side by side.

Upon powering up the PRISM+ F240i, its bright and vivid-colored screen quality is already noticeable. It might be too saturated for the liking of some users but color levels can be manually adjusted.

PRISM+ F240i Settings

Viewing angles are also great on the PRISM+ F240i since it comes with an IPS panel. Plus, the monitor has an FHD resolution with a maximum 180hz refresh rate – a good feat for a budget-friendly screen. Other notable specifications of the PRISM+ F240i include a 1ms MPRT response time and a built-in adaptive sync feature.

By default, the PRISM+ F240i is set to 60Hz. We adjusted it to 180Hz through the settings of the connected gaming laptop that we used.

We wish that navigating the PRISM+ F240i could've been a more intuitive experience for our team. It took us a lot of accidentally powering off the screen while we were trying to access the settings panel. For some users, it might take a while to get used to maneuvering the OSD joystick. But once you get the hang of it, it will allow for a wide variety of customization features.

From its settings panel, adjustment categories include Game Settings, Picture Settings, Color Settings, OSD Settings, and other settings.

The PRISM+ F240i offers settings for various gaming needs. There's Standard Mode, RTS/RPG Mode, FPS Arena Mode, and MOBA Arena Mode. Its Adaptive Sync feature supports Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. For the mentioned categories, users can toggle them on and off on the monitor. Additionally, there's a Shadow Balance setting that you can set according to the level of your liking. There are also Crosshair settings where users can choose the appearance and position.

Standard picture settings include brightness, contrast, dynamic contrast ratio, low blue light, contextual model, sharpness, and aspect ratio (widescreen, 4:3, 1:1, auto). There's also a separate selection to adjust color settings.

The PRISM+ F240i utilizes all the available and activated default and gaming features to deliver an immersive and flicker-free gaming experience. Whether used for intense games like DOTA 2, NBA2K24, and Valorant or for more casual, laid-back games like Roblox, the monitor delivers especially with a 180Hz refresh rate. Simply put, the PRISM+ F240i performs as intended.


Priced at P7,999, the PRISM+ F240i is for those who would like to start a decent gaming setup at home with an affordable yet capable gaming-centric monitor. It steers away from unnecessary gimmicks but strictly sticks to delivering what's needed – both in the design and display departments.

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