Converge Empowers Local Communities with Prepaid Fiber

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Converge ICT Solutions Inc. Empowers Local Communities with Prepaid Fiber

As the Philippines' top provider of fiber internet, Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is using the power of prepaid fiber to strengthen and empower local communities. The company recently held a training session for possible dealers and agents of Surf2Sawa (S2S), its new prepaid fiber product, in Alitagtag, Batangas. This was part of the celebrations for the Feast of the Holy Cross.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. Empowers Local Communities with Prepaid Fiber
Converge Empowers Local Communities with Prepaid Fiber

This project by Converge ICT Solutions Inc. shows how dedicated the business is to making sure no one is left behind. It's having a positive effect by giving people free internet access and job options in their own communities. People from all over Batangas and Mindoro came to the training, which shows how committed the company is to helping the areas where it does business.

"Our goal is more than just offering reliable fiber connectivity. "This project gives our communities more power and creates ways for people to make a living," said Conrado Pascual, Head of Converge's National Business Unit for Prepaid. "We aim to educate community members about Surf2Sawa, helping them enhance their skills and gain confidence."

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Dianara Lopez, who was helped by the program, talked about how she went from being an S2S worker to an administrator at KFB Internet Services. "For the past two years, S2S has been a huge help to me." I began my journey before I had my child, and it has helped me the whole time. Lopez said, "My dream is for my child to finish school, and I think I can make that happen with S2S's help."

When it opens in Tondo in August 2023, S2S is meant to be a mass-market product that meets the wants of Class D1 lifestyles. People who want to switch from mobile or wireless internet to fiber connectivity often choose S2S. They offer a range of flexible top-up options, from P50 for a day's service to P700 for 30 days of unlimited connectivity.

S2S subscribers can also watch BlastTV for free, which is a cheaper option to premium OTT streaming services.

There are a total of 2,252,845 subscribers to Converge as of the first quarter of 2024. There are 2,091,897 regular subscribers and 160,948 prepaid subscribers. Surf2Sawa's quarterly gross adds keep going up, which shows that people of all income levels want fiber internet more and more.

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