Foodpanda Logistics Welcomes 2,000 New Ka-pandas with Instant Onboarding

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Foodpanda Logistics Welcomes 2,000 New Ka-pandas with Instant Onboarding

After a successful journey that brought in hundreds of freelance delivery partners, foodpanda logistics, a well-known delivery service, held another caravan in Pasig. This project gives freelance delivery partners who are interested the chance to sign up and join the platform right away. As an added bonus, they can make bonuses and enjoy other benefits.

Foodpanda Logistics Welcomes 2,000 New Ka-pandas with Instant Onboarding
Foodpanda Logistics Welcomes 2,000 New Ka-pandas with Instant Onboarding

Ron Sanders, who is the Rider Experience Lead at Foodpanda Logistics, says that the goal of this project is to make more jobs available to people who want open hours. It also aims to improve the company's delivery services, which will make the whole experience for customers better.

"We're excited to welcome 2,000 new delivery partners into our Ka-panda fleet, including motorcyclists, bikers, and walkers," said Sanders. Our Ka-pandas come from a variety of backgrounds. Some work part-time, others are freelancers on a number of different platforms, and many see foodpanda operations as their main source of income. We're dedicated to giving people a way to make a living that gives them freedom and flexibility.

Rider Express Support Is Open

A Rider Support Express will be on hand to help current Ka-pandas with any problems or questions. The onboarding process for new delivery partners will be sped up and made easier.

Foodpanda's Panda Ads Leverages AdTech to Boost Businesses

Sanders said, "The Rider Caravan is designed to facilitate the process of becoming a Ka-panda, but we've also allocated a space for those who want to discuss their concerns."

Food Panda Logistics' pandaPatrol: Hub on Wheels has been going to different cities and areas for the past year. "To date, we've visited hundreds of cities and provinces to engage with our Ka-pandas nationwide."

Panda Patrol stops at certain gas stations to offer games and activities that people can connect with. It also serves as a support center for delivery partners. Here, they can meet Foodpanda operations staff and talk about any problems right away. "We maintain a constant presence in various areas to ensure our Ka-pandas feel supported and connected."

Putting the well-being of ka-pandas first

New delivery partners will go through training classes that cover things like safe driving and how to make deliveries more efficiently.

"While it's exciting to welcome new members to our family, the welfare of our existing delivery partners remains a top priority," Sanders said.

Ka-pandas can get free stuff through the Bamboo Rewards program. For every good delivery, they earn points that can be exchanged for free stuff. The company also works with insurance companies to cover birthing sessions and give discounts on health essentials, showing that they care about the well-being of Ka-pandas.

"Once they agree to work for us, they can start enjoying these perks and advantages." "We believe in being there for our Ka-pandas every step of the way," Sanders said.

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