Foodpanda's Panda Ads Leverages AdTech to Boost Businesses

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foodpanda's Panda Ads Leverages AdTech to Boost Businesses

It can be challenging for businesses to reach their target group because people's attention is spread across many media pieces. Retail Media Networks (RMNs), like Foodpanda's panda ads, are the answer. These networks open up new ways to advertise and reach millions of tech-savvy customers who wouldn't normally see ads.

Foodpanda's Panda Ads Leverages AdTech to Boost Businesses
foodpanda's Panda Ads Leverages AdTech to Boost Businesses

"Our panda ads are at the forefront of a retail media boom in Asia." "We offer a unique set of advertising tools across foodpanda's in-app and out-of-app platforms, so our app users can find ads for products and services that are relevant to their daily needs," said Amer Bakshi, Head of Enterprise at foodpanda Philippines.

Retail media advertising, which means putting ads on a store's website or app, is quickly becoming the best way to get people to see your brand and products. Foodpanda's ads are on the app's home page, menu page, and order tracking page, so they don't get in the way of the customer experience.

According to a poll by Carousell Media Group and IAB SEA+India, 99% of Asian marketers plan to increase their spending on retail media sites, making them more likely to beat out major digital platforms in terms of ad spending.

foodpanda and TabSquare Empower Restaurants with AI-Driven Solutions

The Philippines is a leader in the growing field of digital marketing, with over 76 million people and one of the highest mobile penetration rates. With a growth rate of 9.7% per year, ad spending in the country is also going up.

Retail media is more effective than traditional media networks because people are more apt to buy things while they are shopping. Retailers learn a lot about their customers' likes and dislikes and the things they buy, which helps them improve their marketing, inventory management, and product lines.

Asian businesses can use Foodpanda's panda ads as part of an ad tech environment. Panda Ads has worked with many brands since its start in 2021, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Mars Wrigley, Frito-Lay, Converge ICT Solutions, IKEA, Moneymax, Banco de Oro, and Prime Video.

"Brands can interact with Foodpanda in extra ways besides app ads. "Panda Ads is the best place to work together because we offer complete marketing solutions that are tailored to help brands reach their goals," Bakshi said.

As the world of retail media advertising changes, Panda Ads is going to add new features and make its services bigger this year. "We're developing more comprehensive solutions to meet advertisers' needs and adding value to foodpanda customers by showcasing relevant deals, products, and brands," Bakshi told us.

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