KSU Transforms Campus Connectivity with Converge Partnership

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KSU Transforms Campus Connectivity with Converge Partnership

Kalinga State University (KSU) is leading a digital revolution in the Philippine education system. It is also reaffirming its promise to provide high-quality, affordable education in the post-pandemic world.

KSU Transforms Campus Connectivity with Converge Partnership
KSU Transforms Campus Connectivity with Converge Partnership

KSU is making big steps toward its big goal of becoming the best place in the Asia-Pacific area for knowledge and technology. To reach this big goal, the school's IT infrastructure has been greatly improved. It now has a strong fiber link thanks to Converge ICT Solutions, a forward-thinking internet service provider in Tabuk City.

Eric Paloy, who runs KSU's Information and Technology Office, has been a major force behind this digital change. "Our aim is to position KSU as a beacon of knowledge and technology, serving not only Kalinga province but also the broader ASEAN region," Paloy said. "To realize this, we are investing in state-of-the-art technology and pioneering programs."

For this change to happen, KSU needs to become a smart, integrated campus, which is a goal of many of the best schools in the country. The promise of always-on connectivity is at the heart of this effort, and the university's IT department is committed to keeping that promise.

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"We partnered with Converge ICT Solutions because they offer the province's fastest and most dependable connection," he said. "We believe this collaboration will considerably boost our digital operations and help us fulfill our promise of continuous connectivity."

KSU has been steadily and steadily moving toward digital change. Even though the school started out with old technology, it has embraced digitization, which has made it possible for more academic programs to be offered.

"We used to use slow DSL connections that didn't have enough bandwidth that we needed." "Converge's fiber-based internet services have made it much easier for the university to do its daily work," Paloy said.

With its updated digital infrastructure, KSU can now give its students excellent academic teaching with a focus on cultural heritage. This digital connection has many benefits, such as the ability to learn online, access resources from afar, work together online on school and work-related tasks, and share information through social media.

Paloy said, "With the backing of a reliable ISP partner like Converge and our solid technological structure, we are confident that KSU will realize its vision of becoming a top-tier knowledge and technology hub in the Asia Pacific region."

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