Zoho One Offers Integrated Suite to Run an Entire Business

Ciara Alarcon
Zoho has launched its all-in-one suite of applications – Zoho One – to accelerate digital transformation of local businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Zoho One Offers Integrated Suite to Run an Entire Business
Zoho One Offers Integrated Suite to Run an Entire Business

Zoho One is an integrated suite of applications that aims to run an entire business across every function and organizational group. It includes more than 40 integrated web applications and an equal number of mobile apps, which are under a single sign-on and with centralized administration and provisioning.

“The Asia Pacific region is seeing many government initiatives that encourage SMEs to go digital and embrace innovation. This has hence become an important market for us, and we are increasing our investment here,” Gibu Matthew, Vice President and GM, Asia Pacific, Zoho Corp., addressed. “Zoho One puts all the software you need to run a business online and turns it into an accessible business utility. This means that business of any size and type can run all their operations online. Its incredible value and ease of use lowers the barriers in adoption of technology and eases the journey of digital transformation for companies.”

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Zia, and AI-powered assistant, will also be added to Zoho One. It functions across various applications, bringing data from different departments to provide the right contextual information.

“With Zoho One customers are not just licensing apps they need to run their business. They are licensing peace of mind. With the complexity of running multiple applications taken out of their way, customers can focus on their core business,” Matthew added.

For more information, visit www.zoho.com.

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