Veger VP1010TW 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank Review

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Veger is one of the latest external battery pack brands that enter into the Philippines market. They might be a new name in the local market, but they are a well-known powerbank brand in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, and Myanmar. One of their most interesting products is the Veger VP1010TW 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank, and we are happy to share our review for your reference.

Veger VP1010TW 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank Review
Veger VP1010TW 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank Review


Veger VP1010TW retail package
Retail Package

The Veger VP1010TW retail package consists of the unit itself, warranty card, manual, USB to MicroUSB cable, and MicroUSB to Lightning adapter. Oddly enough, there is no USB Type-C cable or adapter included, even if it supports refueling using that USB standard.


Veger VP1010TW
Veger VP1010TW

We do not know exactly how many color options are available, but we have white, and black. Both look pretty neat and classy, not to mention nice to touch and hold, thanks to the sturdy frame and rubberized ABS casing. In addition, the said choice of materials makes it lightweight at only 189 grams, that is just about the weight of typical 6-inch+ Android smartphones today. It is also quite portable and pocketable at the same time, as it only measures 147.3mm x 74.6mm x 14.2mm.

The power switch/button and the four LED indicators are located at the upper left side, MicroUSB input port on the upper right side, the USB Type-C input port in between the two USB output ports are positioned at the top, while the wireless charging plate is placed in the front. Speaking of  LED indicators, it shows estimated power capacity left, 1 LED = 0-25%, 2 LEDs = 26-50%, 3 LEDs = 51-75%, and 4 LEDS = 76-100%.

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Veger VP1010TW wirelessly charging an Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X Charging Wirelessly

The MicroUSB and USB Type-C input ports can accept up to 10 watts of power, that is 5 volts by 2 amperes. Meanwhile, the Output 1 port can discharge 5-watt of power (5V1A), the Output 2 port supports 10-watt charging, and the Qi wireless charging output is at 5W.

Below are the complete test results:

Device Output 1 Output 2
Huawei Mate 10 4.96V/1.02A or 5.06W 4.96V/1.04A or 5.16W
Huawei Y9 2019 4.92V/1.88A or 9.25W 4.94V/1.05A or 5.19 W
Realme C1 4.95V/1.43A or 7.083W 4.93V/1.43A or 7.05W
Apple iPhone X 4.97V/0.94A or 4.67W 4.96V/0.96A or 4.76W
Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Plus 4.96V/1.00A or 4.96W 4.96V/0.99A or 4.91W
Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 4.94V/1.44A or 7.11W 4.88V/1.43A or 6.98W
AfterShokz Trek Titanium (BT Headphones) 5.01V/0.16A or 0.80W 5.01V/0.16A or 0.80W
Fitbit Ionic 5.01V/0.12A or 0.60W 4.99V/0.18A or 0.95W
Apple Watch 3 5.01V/0.16A or 0.80W 5.01V/0.16A or 0.80W

As you can see above, the Huawei Y9 2019 able to achieved 9.25W through the Output 1, which means that 10-watt fast charging port is in it, and not in Output 2. Based on our test, we can charge 3 devices at the same time using the two USB ports and wirelessly. Speaking of which, we tried the wireless charging using the Apple iPhone X and Cherry Mobile Flare S7 Plus, both worked fine even with their protective casing on.

It can also deliver high or low power output depending on the device that is being charged. This is because the Veger VP1010TW offers different types of circuit protection against over current, over voltage, extreme temperature, short circuit, input anti-reverse, over charge and over discharge. This is a good feature of the powerbank as it keeps you and your device safe.

Veger said the powerbank can be fully charged in just 4 hours, however, based on our test it took us 4 hours and 50 minutes.


The Veger VP1010TW 8000mAh Wireless Powerbank is quite a good buy with its slim and premium design, dual input and output ports, sufficient capacity for multiple devices, and the ability to charge Qi-enabled gadgets without cables.

It has an SRP of Php1,950, but you can easily grab it at a huge discount via Lazada, which is being sold from Php999 to Php1,499, depending on the time of the visit at the site. Simply go to to get yours.

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