AVision 43-inch LED Digital TV (43K801D) Review

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AVision 43-inch LED Digital TV (43K801D) Review.


As the Department of Information, Communications and Technology (DICT) has set to phase out analog television broadcast by 2023 to give way to a clearer digital terrestrial television (DTT), it is just more practical to shop for TV that supports the Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB-T) standard. The AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV has that, and here is our review to let you know what other things it can offer besides the ISDB-T receiver.

AVision 43-inch LED Digital TV (43K801D) Review
AVision 43-inch LED Digital TV (43K801D) Review.

The AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV is the big brother of the AVision 32-inch LED TV (32K801) that we reviewed recently. You can buy AVision products online through Lazada, Shopee, and at their Facebook shop, and offline through select appliance stores or by simply visiting their office located in Binondo.


AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Unboxing and Review.

As the name implies, the AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV is a television with an LED panel that measures 43 inches diagonally. The bezels on all sides are almost the same size and about half an inch thin. It is also quite slim at about 2cm on its thinnest part and just 9.3cm on its thickest portion. Moreover, it is considered lightweight too, at only 9 kilograms.

AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Front

Aside from the screen, the other thing you can find at the front of the TV is the IR receiver and on/off buttons located at the bottom right corner. Moving to the back, you will find the threaded holes for wall mounting and all the output ports and terminals. Speaking of which, they are placed at the center-left and center-bottom. The latter holds the headphone, digital audio output, component input, and HMDI 1 ports together with a 100-240V AC cord, while the former has the HDMI 2, HDMI 3, PC input, antenna cable input, and USB 2.0 ports. Meanwhile, the two 7-watt loudspeakers can be found at the bottom left and bottom right.

AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Back

By the way, the retail package consists of the unit itself, the warranty card, user manual, quick setup guide, remote control with free batteries, tabletop base stand, and mounting bracket, along with its screws and installation manual. To know more, you can watch our unboxing and review video above.


AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Interface

The AVision 43K801D has a Full HD resolution, that is 1920 x 1080 pixels or 51.23 PPI, contrast ratio of 30,000:1, brightness of 200 nits, refresh rate of 60Hz, and viewing angle of 178 degrees. Having an FHD display, we can say that image outputs are less pixelated, especially when watching movies of the same or higher resolution. Unlike its smaller brother, it has more punchy and vibrant color reproduction that tends toward the saturated side. Don't get us wrong, the images still look great. Moreover, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and other parameters to suit your taste.

Operating the TV is relatively easy and straightforward, upon turning it on, you will be greeted by the minimalist AVision logo with a white background. After that, it shows different input source options with the likes of Air for Analog/Digital TV broadcast, AV, and HDMI. If you choose air for the first time, it will scan all the available channels, both Analog and Digital, including those non-visual channels (radio). However, before scanning the channels, make sure that there is an antenna connected, and it is located somewhere with less hindrance and disturbances.

AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Video Playback
Video Playback

Meanwhile, when you select USB as the source, it will give four options on what kind of content you want to play, namely photo, music, movie, and text. Based on our test, it can easily read hard drives of up to 2TB, and can play different kinds of movie formats, such as .avi, .mp4, .flv, and .mkv. In addition, it supports .srt type subtitles.

In terms of audio quality, the two 7-watt speakers can give loud yet clear output with a good balance of lows, mids, and highs. We recommend that the volume be set at 75 to 85 max because the sound starts to rattle a bit higher than that. But, if you want a louder audio output, you can use the digital audio output port. Alternatively, use an auxiliary cable and connect it to the headphone jack.

The power consumption of the AVision 43K801D is only 75 watts when turned on and running, while it only consumes 0.5 watts of power when in standby mode.

As a side note, it is not a Smart or Internet TV, it has no Ethernet/RJ45 port and no WiFi either. But, you can easily make it like one by connecting an internet set-top box like Roku Streaming Boxes, which you can easily get when you subscribe to PLDT Home TVolution.


AVision LED TV Price List
AVision LED TV Price List

With an asking price of Php13,499 (selling price from their head office), the AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV is already considered a good buy, as there aren't many 43-inch TVs in the market that cost around that price. This becomes clearer when you get it with a massive discount on Lazada or Shopee. The added bonus is the 2-year parts and home service warranty!

AVision Service Centers
AVision Service Centers

AVision 43K801D 43-inch LED Digital TV Specs:

  • Display: FHD (1920 x1080) 60Hz 200 Nits, 16:9 aspect ratio, 178-degree viewing angle, 30,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Dimensions: 97.1cm x 56.7cm x 9.3cm
  • Weight: 9 kilograms
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 5V/500mAh, Component In, HDMI (3x), PC In, RF (Analog/Digital) In, 3.5mm headphone jack, Digital Audio Out,
  • Reception: Analog (NTSC/PAL-M/PAL-N); Digital (ISDB-T)
  • Audio: 7Wx2
  • Power Supply: 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 75 watts (On), 0.5 watts (Standby)
  • Special Features: Supports Music, Photos and Movies

To know more about AVision, visit their website at https://www.avisionph.com/ or follow them at https://www.facebook.com/AvisionPH/

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