Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom Portable Speakers

Ciara Alarcon
With the COVID-19 pandemic still a real threat to everyone, the call to stay at home has become very important than ever. Thus, more and more are transitioning from working at home, which is not only convenient but also proven to be more productive and efficient for all stakeholders.

Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom Portable Speakers
Work and Play at Home with LG XBoom Portable Speakers

However, working from home also comes with lots of challenges and distractions, not to mention the possibility of burning out is real. That is why workers at home need something to relax with, such as listening to your favorite music. And the best way to do so is with the LG XBoom Portable Speakers, which is not only great for work, but also for relaxation, gaming, and exercise.

The LG XBOOM Go PK5 speaker comes with British Meridian technology, Dual Action Bass, and High Fidelity Bluetooth for lossless streaming. To power up your party, LG dressed it with an IPX5 Water Resistant body complemented by its Grab-and-go X-Grip Design. It can connect up to two devices at once, as well, via Bluetooth. Read our LG XBOOM Go PK5 Review to learn more.

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Meanwhile, the XBOOM RK7 speaker features Bass Blast+ for deeper bass and more precise vocal. Moreover, it sports Karaoke Star and DJ effects, LED Speaker lighting, TV Sound Sync, and can connect up to 10 devices via Bluetooth. It has a voice canceller and key changer, too. Read our LG XBOOM RK7 Review; Get The Party Started!

Just like the RK7, the XBOOM RL4 also sports Bass Blast+. Notable features include unlimited wired connections, wireless party link for up to two devices, TV Sound Sync, and Karaoke Star and DJ Effects. See our review of LG XBOOM RL4: A Worthy Addition to know more.

The new LG XBOOM line is now available at leading appliance stores nationwide. Here are the pricing details:

  • LG XBOOM PK5 – Php 7,490
  • XBOOM RL4 – Php11,990
  • XBOOM RK7 – Php17,990

So, are you getting one?

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