Sudio ETT Review; Focus on Audio

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Our impression of Swedish audio brand Sudio gets better every time we test out a pair of its personal audio devices. So when we got a review unit of the Sudio ETT, we can't wait to discover what it offers. Did it deliver well in the aspects that matter, just like the Sudio Nio and the Sudio Tolv? Let's discuss!

Sudio ETT Review; Focus on Audio
Sudio ETT Review; Focus on Audio

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We have repeatedly mentioned how nice and premium-looking the designs of Sudio earphones are. Unfortunately, however, the Sudio ETT isn’t as pretty as the previous pairs from the brand we tested. It still has that simple and minimalist design common for Sudio, but its ear tips kind of give a compromise when it comes to ergonomics, especially for those who aren't fans of these types of in-ears.


On the Sudio ETT, you can find on its outer parts not the Sudio emblem but physical buttons on each pair. While newer models of TWS commonly have touch controls, there still is a niche for earphones with physical buttons. The buttons of the Sudio ETT works responsively, and it's easy to memorize its functions: one click allows you to pause and play music or answer and end a call; two clicks to play the next song on your playlist; three clicks to go back to the previous track; a two-second press to turn Active Noise Cancellation on and off; a six-second press for power off. However, did you notice the lack of quick controls for volume? It’s kind of a bummer because you have to adjust the volume directly to the device you’re playing music from.

Earphones with touch controls have a tendency to be oversensitive at times. Still, with physical buttons, you don't have to deal with suddenly playing the next track just because your hair or your hand accidentally touched the controls. The Sudio label is located on the inner face of the earbuds along with the “L” and “R” indicators. At the tip of the earphones is a nice metallic touch that complements their metallic finish.

Sudio ETT Retail Package
Retail Package

While we believe that there are better-looking pairs of TWS than the Sudio ETT, its charging case is a different story. It’s probably among the sleekest charging cases we’ve ever seen and what serves as icing on the cake is that it supports wireless charging and has a USB-C port. The charging case comes in a cube form with four LED lights that serve as a battery indicator, and it has a leather strap on its right side for easy handling. The case is light and portable, and it slides easily in pockets.

In terms of durability and protection, the Sudio ETT comes with an IPX5 rating, so it can be considered as workout earphones as it can withstand sweat and even rain but don't make a mistake of submerging the earphones in water, or else you'll need to buy a new pair.


Time and again, Sudio amazed us when it comes to audio performance. The Sudio ETT is noticeably not that strong in bass production, but it’s far from lacking either. This might not be the right choice for those looking for a loud and booming bass, but these earphones are delivered just fine in other audio areas. Playing Adele’s “When We Were Young'' is an absolute delight with the Sudio ETT. There is a clear balance that produced the singer's powerful voice equally without disregarding the background instruments. The earphones also didn’t disappoint in playing the guitar riffs of Santana’s “Smooth.” Audio clarity is also present when we used the Sudio ETT to listen to podcasts, while it didn’t delay providing audio for our Netflix binge-watching session.

The pairing process for the Sudio ETT is the same as any other Bluetooth TWS. For initial connection, you're required to take the pair out of the case and then connect them to the device. Note that switching among connected devices is not as seamless, though, as you have to disconnect a device first to pair another one. However, if you often play music from a single device source, this shouldn't be a problem for you.

The Sudio ETT has an Active Noise Cancellation feature and a Transparency Mode that automatically activates during calls. While we can’t test the former in the meantime because we’re still not allowed to go out often to try it in noisy places, the latter is an addition that is appreciated, especially now that voice calls and video conferences are often used in work. The Transparency Mode of the Sudio ETT serves as an ambient listening feature that allows users to be aware of the surroundings and to hear their own voices clearly while on call, on top of its noise reduction function.

Running with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, the Sudio ETT’s connection is strong and impressive, and you can expect no staggering sound even if you walk away from the music source within a significant distance.

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Sudio ETT Charging
Sudio ETT Charging

The Sudio ETT managed to play music for almost 5 hours with ANC on. Its charging case allows for five full charges that usually take an hour. Refueling the case up to full capacity with the earphones inside required almost two hours. Comparing these numbers to that of other TWS we have reviewed, these seem to be just standard.


The Sudio Nio is available in white, black, pink, green, and anthracite and retail for Php6,200 at, but if you use our code - TG15SUDIO, you will get a 15% discount, bringing down the asking price to just Php5,270! In addition, every purchase comes with a free gift bag, 3 years warranty at Sudio Sphere, and free shipping.


The Sudio ETT is yet again another decent choice of the Swedish brand’s lineup. If the issues we found about it don’t seem like a big deal for you, then you can have your money’s worth with this pair.

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