Epson Philippines Opens New HQ, Unveils Latest Heat-Free Business Inkjet Printers

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Epson Philippines Opens New HQ, Unveils Latest Heat-Free Business Inkjet Printers

Epson Philippines commemorated its 25th anniversary with a launch event under the theme "Unlock the Future" at its brand-new office premises in Pasig City. The event marks the formal opening of the company's new Philippine headquarters, which comprises solution centers, as well as the introduction of a new line of heat-free business inkjet printers designed to fuel Epson's ongoing growth in the B2B market.

Epson Philippines Opens New HQ, Unveils Latest Heat-Free Business Inkjet Printers
Epson Philippines Opens New HQ, Unveils Latest Heat-Free Business Inkjet Printers

promoting the expansion and development of the Philippine market

Epson has created a strong local market presence in the Philippines throughout its 20-year business in the country, which has long been a critical region and market for expansion.

Epson Philippines is committed to contributing to developing the Philippine market and enriching Filipino lives through effective, compact, and accurate innovation designed to secure a sustainable future by relocating to the new headquarters. Epson has relocated to make place for its new Solution Centers, which will further empower clients around the Philippines.

"We have centralized our resource management with the relocation to our new headquarters. Epson Philippines Corporation President Masako Kusama stated, "We have centralized everything so that our partners and clients may access all of our products through our new Solution Center. Furthermore, from our new headquarters, we will actively execute Epson's commitment to a more sustainable future as we continue developing innovations that will alter how our customers conduct business.

Innovation that prioritizes sustainability

As Epson grows, sustainability will remain a crucial component of its DNA and the cornerstone of its company. The firm believes that collaborating with communities and organizations that share the same basic principles would assist global efforts to improve sustainability and have a greater impact.

Epson has a long history of collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Together, the two groups have developed projects targeted at marine conservation, educating the public about climate change, and improving low-income regions using sustainable production practices.

Epson has made it a priority to change its business processes in order to make place for more sustainable solutions. One of its more recent manifestations was converting the Epson facility in the Philippines to 100% renewable energy. Furthermore, Epson recognizes the need for goods and services that make the best use of resources in light of concerns such as resource depletion and global warming. As part of its endeavor to close the resource loop, Epson is reducing product size and weight, using recycled materials, and increasing product lifespans, particularly with its printing solutions.

Epson PU2200 Series; World’s Smallest and Lightest 20K Lumens Laser Projector

"Epson's heat-free technology is our solution to key environmental concerns as we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions," said Koichi Kubota, Director of Seiko Epson Corporation. "Not only do our Epson inkjet printers serve our customers, but they also benefit the environment by lowering heat during the printing process."

initiating a new printing age in the business-to-business industry

Epson Workforce Enterprise AM Series of Linehead Inkjet Printers
Epson Workforce Enterprise AM Series of Linehead Inkjet Printers

The climate crisis is still on many young working people's minds. The first step toward resolving this problem is to establish long-term workplace solutions. Even if a paperless world becomes more common, the paper will still be required. To reduce its environmental impact, Epson must ensure that its products are in accordance with long-term goals.

In addition, Epson introduced the Workforce Enterprise AM Series, a new line of mid-speed, heat-free business inkjet printers. This completes Epson's line of devices that may help businesses of all sizes create an environmentally friendly workplace. The new series, driven by Heat-Free technology, combines innovation and sustainability by enabling more efficient ink usage, lower total cost, and a smaller footprint with enabled solutions, raising the bar for more environmentally friendly printing solutions.

The Workforce Enterprise AM Series of Linehead Inkjet Printers AM-C4000, C5000, and C6000 models are set to go on sale in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2023.

Epson will stop selling and distributing laser printer hardware in Southeast Asia by the end of 2023, keeping its promise to consumers for even more productive, efficient, and environmentally friendly printing solutions.

"A new era of printing has truly begun," Siew Jin Kiat, regional managing director for Epson Southeast Asia, said after conducting the ceremonial unlocking of the Philippine headquarters. "With the inauguration of our new Philippine headquarters and the introduction of our latest range of commercial inkjet printers, we eagerly anticipate unlocking the future."

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