Capture Beautiful Nighttime Photos with the new vivo V27 Series 5G, The Aura Portrait Master

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Capture Beautiful Nighttime Photos with the new vivo V27 Series 5G, The Aura Portrait Master.

The magnificent city lights begin to sparkle as dusk descends. As coffee changes into spirited drinks, slow music becomes electronic rhythms. You and your friends have a wonderful time dancing. But the next morning, you can't remember anything from the prior evening, and your hazy photos don't help.

Capture Beautiful Nighttime Photos with the new vivo V27 Series 5G, The Aura Portrait Master
Capture Beautiful Nighttime Photos with the new vivo V27 Series 5G, The Aura Portrait Master.

No incredible occasion should go undocumented! The Aura Portrait Algorithm found only in the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master, creates images of studio-quality professionalism. The vivo V27 Series, the newest member of vivo's V smartphone family and the most recent model to be released in the Philippines, improves the industry-standard camera flash, sensors, and portrait features so you can be confident in taking high-quality pictures at night or in low light conditions.

Illuminate your vitality with the energy of Aura Light.

Have you ever wondered why nighttime photographs do not appear vivid and clear even when using a flash? This is due to the fact that standard camera lights are only designed to illuminate a specific region around you. They weren't designed to snap portraits.

V27 Series' Aura Light
V27 Series' Aura Light OFF/ON

When photographing in low-light conditions, the vivo V27 Series' Aura Light is designed to illuminate the subject's face evenly and keep smooth skin. The camera automatically recognizes ambient light when the Aura Light is turned on. It adjusts the intensity of the Aura Light to create night photographs with clearer facial details without overexposing or underexposing the subject's face.

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Take as many photos with your friends as you want, or make your best pose beneath the whirling disco light. There's no need to seek out a spot with excellent lighting. Simply turn on the Aura Light, and your portraits will appear as stunning as you do!

More vivid night photos with the Sony IMX766V camera.

They say that as sensor size increases, image clarity improves. Vivo expanded on its standard sensors by making them ultra-large and ultra-clear.

The camera on the vivo V27 Series is powered by the new Sony IMX766V sensor, which is now 59 percent bigger in effective sensor area and 104 percent larger in single-pixel size. Because of its larger sensors, the camera can now catch 145 percent more light, which improves image quality and vibrance and makes photos appear brighter and more vivid even when shot in low light.

The new sensors also include the most sophisticated optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, which can handle various lighting conditions and eliminate jitters. With the new ultra-clear sensors, you can say goodbye to hazy nighttime photos and hello to photographs with sharp details and more true-to-life hues during your night out with the crew. The EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization on the vivo V27 Series can capture a photo or video of you and your friends busting those awesome moves in great detail, so don't hesitate to take pictures even if you're in the center of the dance floor.

The vivo V27's Advanced Portrait Mode lets you create the atmosphere.

Vivo's proprietary portrait algorithms now allow portrait mode on the vivo V27 Series. This updated portrait choice enhances, clarifies, and improves portraits.

The vivo V27 Series' portrait mode decodes information about your subject and aligns with up to 103 facial points to ensure they appear natural and healthy. In portrait mode, the AI program retouches your subject's face without over-enhancing it.

Using the new Low-Light Portrait feature, the portrait choice also balances your subject and the background. When the Low-Light Portrait feature is activated, the Aura Light also turns on immediately. The Low-Light Portrait will add tones to the background, while the Aura Light will emphasize the subject's face, creating a warm and vibrant environment. The resulting image is of exceptional quality, with stunning details, and captures the exact thrilling and vibrant moment when it was shot.

The latest and most innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm consists of the Aura Light, the Sony IMX766V, and the advanced Portrait Mode. Don't toss out your evening wear. You can capture every exciting moment of your night out with the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master, and let your best aura shine.

The vivo V27 5G is priced at Php24,999, while the vivo V27e is priced at Php16,999. Both versions are now available in all vivo official stores across the nation. They can also be bought on the Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok websites, as well as the main vivo website.

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