Woodlands International Homeschool, A Couple's Passion for Affordable, High-Quality Education

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Woodlands International Homeschool, A Couple's Passion for Affordable, High-Quality Education

As a mother, you are constantly worried about your child. You are concerned about your child's safety, even at school.

Woodlands International Homeschool, A Couple's Passion for Affordable, High-Quality Education
Woodlands International Homeschool, A Couple's Passion for Affordable, High-Quality Education

In that situation, homeschooling may be the best option because it allows you to spend more time with your child or children each day, ensure their safety, and educate them in the comfort of your own home.

A dedication to providing affordable, high-quality education

Dr. Richard Paolo B. Deluria, Chairman and CEO of Woodlands International Homeschool, and his wife, Ms. Frances Louise T. Deluria, a qualified registered pediatric nurse in both the Philippines and the UAE, established Woodlands International Homeschool, the most recent venture of SRK Education Group International, to provide Filipino children in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a high-quality but reasonably priced education.

According to Dr. Deluria and his wife, Frances Louise, homeschooling can be done in the comfort of one's home, especially now that the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more common.

According to Dr. Deluria, who also has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, a Master's degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Education with a major in Curriculum Design, Development, and Supervision, "most families converted to this kind of new normal way of education."

Dr. Deluria stressed the critical role that technology will play in transitioning to a new standard for education delivery.

"We have our own Learning Management System that is accessible at any time and from any location," Dr. Deluria said, adding that mobile applications and websites are meticulously designed to serve not just as a marketing tool but as another means of creating meaningful learning experiences for all of its students.

Ms. Deluria says homeschooling encourages appropriate and positive socialization with peers and adults.

"Homeschooled children are generally free of peer pressure and are comfortable interacting with people of all ages," says Ms. Deluria.

Emotional health benefits of homeschooling

According to Dr. Deluria, homeschooling has had a positive impact and has instilled discipline because a routine for strictly adhering to the curriculum has been created.

To Ms. Deluria's personal experience, homeschooling has allowed their child to "explore other talents that have since been honed like playing piano, swimming, and basketball," among other things.

Academic accomplishments

Dr. Deluria believes that both traditional and homeschooled pupils can achieve academic success.

He claims that both have equal possibilities in everything as long as they are not locked inside their rooms or, in the case of homeschooled children, at home.

Dr. Deluria, on the other hand, dispelled "misconceptions" about homeschooling, such as the lack of interaction.

Although according to the annals of education, one of the earliest ways of educating children was at home.

He confirmed that it has since evolved into a better, more standardized procedure that is now followed by many families around the globe.

Woodlands International Homeschool, according to Dr. Deluria, conducts quarterly assessments.

If a homeschooled student's family preferred the Philippine curriculum, they would be registered in the partner school in order to report to the Department of Education's Learning Information System (LIS); if they chose the US curriculum, they would have to be reported to the partner school in Texas.

Future Homeschooling Possibilities

Dr. Deluria promised that Woodlands International Homeschool would follow the best practices of its international peers "since we began this noble mission of creating an alternative way of doing the new normal way of education."

According to him, over a thousand students in the UAE have expressed interest in our program and have chosen to enroll.

"All of the current and former students' testimonies have demonstrated both effectiveness and economic reasons why they desired our method of execution," he said.

Woodlands International was established to provide SRK students in the Middle East with access to both Philippine and US-based courses.

It is part of a group that has served nearly 2,000 students in the area, catering to various family types with the trust and support of the Filipino and international communities, many of whom have since relocated to international schools or other western nations such as the United States, Canada, and other European nations.

The Departments of Education of the United States and the Philippines have now granted it full certification for its curriculum.

Homeschooling costs approximately Php75,000 per child annually, but this amount can vary based on the family's long-term needs.

There are also alternatives for paying for extra tutors if the topics are especially difficult.

"It's more pliable," Dr. Deluria exclaimed excitedly.


Dr. Deluria told parents considering homeschooling their child that homeschooling just one child requires a lot of courage.

Attending one of our orientations may also alleviate your concerns, as we have had a very interactive session before enrollment. "As a parent, I sense how a day will go at home without a single nag to our naughty children. However, if you allow yourself to investigate homeschooling and its benefits, as we did, you should be able to experience comfort, safety, and a close attachment to your children.

Dr. Deluria believes that homeschooling is the future of education.

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