LG OLED Commemorates a Decade of Pioneering the Future of Home Entertainment

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LG OLED Commemorates a Decade of Pioneering the Future of Home Entertainment

LG Electronics Philippines recently commemorated the tenth anniversary of LG's revolutionary OLED technology. The event celebrated LG OLED TV's incredible evolution over the last decade, highlighting the brand's revolutionary innovations, exceptional picture quality, and commitment to redefining the landscape of home entertainment.

LG OLED Commemorates a Decade of Pioneering the Future of Home Entertainment
LG OLED Commemorates a Decade of Pioneering the Future of Home Entertainment

The night began with a spirited K-Pop performance by Project One, who established the tone for the evening. Mr. Sungjae Kim, managing director of LGEPH, expressed his delight in LG OLED TV's extraordinary progress and industry impact. "Celebrating a decade of LG OLED, a technology that has revolutionized the television industry, fills us with enormous pride," he said. This achievement is a credit to the LG team's hard work, devotion, and creativity."

LG Electronics Philippines, in conjunction with the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC), developed a contribution program to promote cultural interaction in the Philippines. The program, made possible by the donation of LG OLED TVs, aims to promote cultural understanding and develop bridges between groups. Mr. Kim Myeongjin, Director of the KCC, expressed gratitude for LG's generous contribution, underlining the importance of innovative technology in enabling cultural interaction.

Angelica Dumlao, product manager for LG TVs, emphasized the pillars of LG's technical supremacy in OLED: the 9 AI Processor Gen 6, Brightness Booster, Confidence with a 2-year warranty, ONE Wall Design, and the exceptional viewing Experience. She underlined LG OLED TVs' immersive experience, saying, "LG OLED TVs bring content to life, providing a 9-Reality immersion."

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Mari Jasmine, Michelle Marquez Dee, Enrique Gil, and Dominic Roque, LG OLED TV ambassadors, presented their firsthand experiences with the transforming power of LG OLED technology. Mari Jasmine praised the LG OLED One Wall Design's innovative design, Michelle Marquez Dee emphasized the cinematic excellence of LG OLED TVs, Enrique Gil praised the true-to-life picture quality and immersive sound, and Dominic Roque emphasized the immersive sports-watching experience and gaming benefits offered by LG OLED TVs.

The incredible journey and ongoing greatness of LG OLED TV have been documented by prominent media sites, Manila Bulletin and Yugatech. Their reps praised LG OLED TVs for their exceptional picture quality, lifespan, and performance.

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Mr. Sunho Choi, LGEPH product director for home entertainment, thanked the LG ambassadors, prominent guests, and media representatives for their continuous support as the event came to a close. He recognized LG OLED TV's extraordinary achievement and effect on the industry, inviting everyone to embrace the spirit of innovation, excellence, and unbounded imagination as they journey into the future of home entertainment with LG OLED TV.

LG OLED TVs have transformed the entertainment experience by providing breathtaking pictures, unrivaled contrast, brilliant colors, and immersive sound. LG's drive for innovation allows them to continue reinventing what a TV can be, improving their customers' entire quality of life.

LG OLED goods are available on lg.com/ph as well as through the company's flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee. For more information, visit and follow their social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube (@lgphilippines).

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